Are Shoulder Pad Tops in Fashion Again? Check Out Latest Trends Going On

Are Shoulder Pad Tops in Fashion Again? Check Out Latest Trends Going On

Have you noticed the shoulder pad on the runways?

Yes, you are absolutely on the right track. The fashion from the ’80s is back. Shoulder pads are re-emerging in the fashion looks. Moreover, they can be adjusted in all forms of clothing - from dresses to crop top sweatshirts, blazers, and hoodies -  you can see the shoulder pad everywhere.

So, about time to restock your shoulder-padded tops. 

But, where to shop?

VHNY is the solution!

Now that you are sure that the shoulder-padded tops are trending again, how about checking out the options available?

Check out here.


Shoulder Pad Tops – Check Out the Latest Trends

VHNY provides you the styling options as per the latest trends. Our designs are youthful and work equally well amongst teens and girls alike.

Black Shoulder Padded Top

Black is a must-have in your wardrobe. When it comes to tops, a black top is a necessity. 

Do you want to enjoy the comfort and style altogether?

Then, choose this shoulder padded top. It is trendy and comfy. The relaxed fit suits all body types. 

This top has 100% cotton material. It makes it the best option for all seasons alike. The amount of padding in the shoulders is just right. And you can carry this top on any occasion.

Pair this top with a skirt, shorts, sweatpants, jeans, trousers, or whatever you like as per the occasion. Buy this all-rounder here.

Black Shoulder Pad Crop Top

How about a crop top? That too, in black? With a shoulder pad?

Doesn't that sound like the chicest option?

You can wear this black shoulder pad crop top in any season. Either pair it with a skirt, shorts or jeans, you are going to rock the look! Moreover, the Athena logo patch on the chest adds to the richness of this beautiful article - giving it the authenticity of a brand.

The sleeveless top is both - breathable and beautiful. Add one to your wardrobe here.

Light Grey Melange Shoulder Pad Crop Sweatshirt

Who would not want to have a crop sweatshirt!

The most wanted activewear collection. 

Our shoulder pad crop sweatshirt allows you to show your figure with ease and comfort. The crop sweatshirt uses cotton fleece fabric. 

The crop has a raw edge hem. You can pair it with jeans, sweatpants or shorts. Either add a pair of sneakers or sandals to your look. You are ready to head to a gym or outdoors - even to a party! 

The crop sweatshirt has a working zipper, giving you a chance to style two different looks. 

Own this cozy look here.

Black Shoulder Pad Crop Sweatshirt

An ultra-cozy boucle crop sweatshirt seems the ultimate option for your activewear fashion statement needs. A raw edge hem and two silver zippers on the front make our shoulder pad crop sweatshirt stand out from the other options. It has medium-weight cotton fleece. This beauty is a perfect blend of comfort and style.

For those cold, lazy days, this is an ideal choice. Shop here

Shoulder Pad Sweatshirt With Zip Elbow

Do you want to try something chic but unique? This winter, go for our shoulder pad sweatshirt with zip elbow then. 

Make a statement with this article. It has a subtle color, a different style, and on top of that, you can carry it with ease. This light grey colored shoulder pad sweatshirt has a relaxed fit style. The outer cotton fabric gives it a smooth look whereas the inner fleece fabric keeps you warm. 

Its color allows you for a large variety of pairing options. So style as you like.

Add this unique sweatshirt to your cart here.

Shoulder Padded Crop Sweatshirt

Shoulder padded crop top sweatshirt, anyone?

This youthful design will equally suit the teens as well as the girls. Though it appears simple, it reflects class. For an elegant yet voguish treat for your wardrobe, do not miss this shoulder-padded crop top sweatshirt.

This unique style lets you be in the fashion game with all the essentials in one top. A cropped hem, padded shoulders, and three serene colors: charcoalsage, and taro - all that you need for a classy outfit!

Moreover, the shoulder-padded crop top sweatshirt has a relaxed fit to complement your body shape. It is super soft, stretchy, and smooth - a must-have for your summer wardrobe. Pair it up with a jacket, and you can wear it in winter too. A top that can survive all seasons is a blessing. So, hurry up! And grab yours before it runs out of stock.

Shoulder Padded Oversized Hooded Vest

Chilly winds remind you of a hoodie, right?

How about an oversized hooded vest?

Certainly the chicest option!

You can enjoy a sassy vest with an add-on hoodie.

And if we tell you that it has a shoulder pad too – it becomes a must-buy this season. A jacket, jeans, and a pair of sneakers – you are all set to step out with sass.

This swanky vest comes in three neutral colors - making it an easy fit to pair with anything and everything. Cream, sand, or black, whatever color you choose, has its charm.

The hooded vest has a silver zipper in the center -  a functional zipper that allows quick transition to the summer season. Style it with a skirt and a pair of sneakers – you have a classy outfit for everyday wear. 

You can style this outfit for any occasion – party, travel, gym, holiday, or daily wear. 

Shop Your Favorite Shoulder Pad Top at VHNY

Now that you know the latest trend, why not be a part of it?

Shop your favorite shoulder pad top at VHNY and rock your style game being comfy. Choose our signature pieces and make your statement.

Head to our all collections here.

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