Crew Neck Sweaters and Turtleneck Sweaters Trend This Winter


Sweaters are comfortable and easy to wear in winters—and they can be stylish too! But not all sweaters are flattering or made equal. Luckily, sweaters come in all shapes and sizes. There are many styles available to refresh your wardrobe and make your winter look complete. They are reliable, go-to pieces you can dress up or dress down, depending on your needs. You love sweaters, right! This winter season, crew neck sweaters and turtleneck sweaters are back in style and topping the 2021 winter latest fashion!

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You can style sweaters in various ways and often see your favorite celebrity posing in oversized turtleneck sweaters with jeans and boots. And you just think of yourself in that look. Yeah, we know, that happens a lot of times. Crewnecks, which are round-necked pullover sweaters, are a timeless piece that can be paired with a variety of ensembles. Although they have a scoop-necked shape like other sweaters, these are usually knitted of more casual and economical fabrics. If you want to wear a crew neck sweater, locate one that suits you well, layer it properly, and decide whether to keep it simple or dress it up to make current, fashion-forward looks.

On the other hand, a black turtleneck is a sweater with a high-neck collar that covers most of the neck. What a cool sweater for winter! It will give you the necessary warmth along with making you look like a celebrity. You can layer it and pair it with different outfits.

sand turtleneck

If your sweater game needs a boost but you’re not sure where to start, keep reading for more sweater inspiration.

Layer Your Crew Neck Sweaters with Button-Down Shirts

If you like to wear a much more comfortable look to your work, try layering your crew neck sweater with a button-down shirt. Take your button-collar down's from the crewneck such that the top shows. Ensure your collar must be folded down and centered. Pick a good button-down that complements your crewneck's colors. If you are in a more formal environment, a crew neck might not be appropriate.

Top it up with a Blazer 

Do you want a slightly formal look but without going a little extra mile? Women’s turtleneck sweaters and crewnecks to the rescue. You can wear both of them with a shirt inside and then put on a trendy blazer. The look is classy, sophisticated, and the top high-fashion style statement. On colder days, you can always go for this style, and we are pretty sure you will not get disappointed by your decision. Simply put, these pullovers are the best for easy-to-manage and comfy winter outfit style for you.

Wear Accessories!

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So many outfits lack that je ne sais quoi until you pair it with the perfect accessory. Don’t you agree? Well, the same is true with crew neck sweaters and turtleneck sweaters. Whether wearing them with jeans or a dress, pairing them with the right accessories can take things to the next level. Consider necklaces, earrings, scarves or hair accessories for a dressy look. For a more laid back look, try hats, beanies, bracelets, or scrunchies.

Style it with Jackets

Jackets are always everyone’s favorite since they are the warmest and longest-lasting piece of winter clothing. If you have a nice jacket, you can pair it with your oversized turtleneck sweaters to keep yourself warm from the snowy weather. You can mix and match the colors and play with the different textures of both items. The look is super comfortable yet trendy. For a more upgraded statement, add a muffler, and you will look even better than before. You loved the style and thought of wearing such a pairing? Well, go for it!

Make them Sporty

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For a younger and sporty look, style your turtleneck sweaters with a pair of sneakers. They add flavor to your youthfulness and m1ake you lovable to people. The look is not appropriate for very cold winter days. It is more of an autumn look when the cold is coming but not at its peak. This is best for all the college students particularly, but others can wear the pairing too. You have seen people pairing sneakers with jeans and a black turtleneck sweater. What do you think about them? We hear, so cool! 
Winters ask for layering, and there is nothing better than layering crew neck sweaters with other clothing items. The thing is, they are present for a very long time and are considered basic. Everyone owns them but somehow missed out on the proper styling. You can wear a black turtleneck sweater daily, but if you need to put the effort into styling it. 

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