Hoodie Outfit Ideas for Women | How to Style a Hoodie

Hoodie Outfit Ideas for Women | How to Style a Hoodie

If you’ve been looking for a way to dress up your outfit, this blog post is the perfect guide for you! Whether you want to wear a hoodie casually or as part of a cute, going-out outfit, this blog post will show you how easy it is! The right outfits can make all the difference in your day - and when it comes to styling a hoodie, there are so many options to choose from.

From cropped hoodies with sweatpants to blazers and booties, the possibilities are endless! So, what are you waiting for? Get ready because here is how to style a hoodie, so that it never goes back into your closet after one use.

1. Hoodies Styled Casually but Chic

    You may think that pairing a hoodie with simple sweatpants is just too easy, but believe me, it is more than that. 
    It is a combination that can be worn about anywhere: the office, the mall, the gym, or even on a date! All it takes is adding the right shoes and accessories to create the perfect look. 
    The first thing that you need to know about styling a hoodie with sweatpants is that they are both very casual pieces of clothing.

    Thus, you need to wear them with your most casual pieces of footwear. For example, do not wear the outfit with high heels because it will create a juxtaposition.

    Your best sneakers are perfect for pairing with this look so that you can get a more relaxed and laid-back feel, but still look put together. Since sweatpants are very casual clothing items, you can change them for some simple neutral color trousers and a pair of oxfords to give it a more office-appropriate look while still having a comfortable, relaxed look.

    Additionally, make sure that your accessories both match and complement each other the rest of your outfit. Even if you want to be casual and comfy, never exclude a good beanie or cap, or a simple jewelry set. Skipping out on these crucial additions to your outfit will make your relaxed look turn into a no effort at all look. Casual and Chic is the goal, not Out of Bed and Barely Awake!


    2. Wear Hoodies with Different Bottoms

    purple hoddies

      There is nothing like wearing a hoodie to make you feel comfortable and

      good about yourself. But eventually the Hoodie and Sweatpant combo can become boring and more of the same old thing.

      To get rid of those monotonous feelings, skirts, dresses, shorts, etc. are the extra spice your outfit needs! Solid colored hoodies work best for this because it is easier to pair with any style bottoms.

      As shown in the picture, if the weather is just the right amount of warm but chilly, a skirt will help you beat the heat and stay cool without freezing! Skirts come in so many varieties, colors and shapes, so go crazy! For this model, she is wearing VHNY’s Cargo Skirt which adds a bit more dimension to the skirt and makes the outfit much more interesting.

      You could also wear a dress and a hoodie over it if short skirts aren’t your street style. Rompers and Jumpsuits are also great choices since they tend to have more patterns and colors that would surely liven up your hoodie outfit ideas!

      Always make sure that accessories are on point at all times! No amount of styling will ever be as amazing as a good outfit with matching earrings, purse, shoes, etc.


      3. Hoodie Inspiration for Men

        One of the most versatile and comfortable clothing items for men will always be

        purple hoodie

        a hoodie. It’s great for the changing of season and it also works wonders when layering is involved.

        The wonderful thing about wear hoodies nowadays is that they come in many different styles and colors - even for men! It makes it so that the basic washed out hoodie is no longer the only option!

        Colors is the name of the game, so grab the best pair of trousers you have and put on a matching beanie for an effortless street-style outfit. Now, make sure you have a matching pair of sneakers!

        Mens outfits sometimes center too much on having the latest shoes regardless of colors, but go for ones that match the pants or hoodie. Experiment with colors too! There is nothing wrong with a confident man in a pastel hoodie with pastel shoes. It’s actually extremely fashion forward and those who know about fashion will look to your colorful, casual, chic outfit as inspiration this coming season!

        Also, don’t be afraid to layer your hoodie on top of an oversized sweatshirt outfit with some dress pants and dress shoes. It will give off that casual cool guy vibe. You could also go with a simple hoodie and trench  coat on top. It’s effortless, but so on trend. Make the trench match the hoodie for a more cohesive outfit.

        Add some accessories like hats and/or rings to add a bit more pizazz to your already stylish outfit!

        4. Hoodie Paired with Undershirts

          cream hoodie

          We always assume a hoodie should only be put together with a pair of bottoms and that's it, but if your hoodie unzips, then the possibilities have grown exponentially! You can do any of the above outfit styles in this blog post, but also a couple of new ones too!

          Now that your hoodie is open and ready to expose what is underneath, you can start to play a lot more! Style a casual outfit by adding a simple t-shirt underneath the hoodie.

          Have fun with it and have a graphic tee or a completely different colored t-shirt than the zipup hoodie you’re wearing. Think 2000’s but with the modern fashion tastes of 2021! To beat the summer heat and stay cool even on the hottest days, put on a cropped top as shown in the picture for an extra breezy, sporty look.

          You can also make a cuter look by adding a lace cropped hoodies, if being more sporty isn’t up your alley. Try adding a dress shirt under your hoodie to add the most contrast to your outfit. Make sure the dress shirt is a similar color to your hoodie to avoid a detrimental polarity in your outfit.

          With the dress shirt you’ll leave the casual or going out outfit behind and put on a more office environment outfit, on.

          Final touches are always made with even the slightest accessories, take for example the lone ring on the model's hand. It is subtle, but inadvertently gives the outfit that extra something.


          cream hoodie

          5. Hoodie with a Jacket/Blazer

            Some might find it odd to wear a tailored blazer on top of a hoodie, but fashion

            will always tell you otherwise. It’s not about what you wear, it’s how you wear it. Like shown in the picture, the blazer is a neutral color, white, paired with an all black ensemble underneath. This works. Why? Because you aren’t styling the hoodie, you’re styling the blazer.

            This is by far the most fashion forward outfit in this whole blog post, but it isn’t hard once you get the basic rules down. The blazer or jacket will always have the most attention of your whole outfit, so don’t make it clash, make it the centerpiece. Grab a well fitted, tailored jacket in any color or design and then grab the neutral color that compliments it for everything else in the outfit. If your blazer is white, the black is the neutral color that works best. If your blazer is a shocking red, then the neutral color that would work best is creme or brown.

            Once again, grab a couple of accessories and make the outfit a showstopper!

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