How to Choose the Right Parka Jacket for You This Winter

How to Choose the Right Parka Jacket for You This Winter

As the title pretty much suggests, we are going to talk about jackets here. Yes! The winter essentials. So many of you struggle to maintain an exciting and trendy look in winters that you had in summers, right? Summer clothing is much easier as you have multiple options to try and experiment with. During winters, you have selected options and you have to keep yourself warm too. In cold and freezing temperatures it is challenging, yet still possible to create an attractive look in the layers of clothing you might need. Well, Parka jacket came to the rescue. They are the best option to go for. As they are well-insulated and a little longer than your usual jackets, they offer 10X more warmth to you. It means no more piles of clothes on you. 

If you are worried about your style statement, then don’t because they are not only warm but offer a chic appearance too. A little oversized jacket with a cool pair of shades and jeans creates a jaw-dropping look! Who doesn’t love that! However, choosing from a versatile range of parka jackets as per your style is quite a headache. We say, not anymore. So, let’s tell you how you can choose the right jacket for you this winter. Let’s get straight to that.

Things to Consider Before Buying Parka Jacket

The following are the most important factors to consider:

  • Quality
  • Since quality determines the durability of the jacket. You should never compromise on quality just for the sake of saving some dollars. 

  • Comfort
  • Consider buying a jacket that gives maximum comfort as most of the time you are wearing it over a T-shirt or something. So, invest in a comfortable one.

  • Purpose
  • You should select a Parka jacket depending on its intended purpose. For example, if you plan on camping and trekking in the winter, then a water-resistant and weather-resistant jacket would be ideal.

  • Body Shape
  • Know your body type. It is like what’s best for an apple body cannot be the same for a pear body. So, always buy according to your body shape.

  • Size
  • Most importantly, get a jacket of your size. A little oversized jacket is in fashion these days, so you can get that but not exceed the limit.

    Here are some designs that will level up your winter wardrobe game. Check these out, and we guarantee you’ll not leave without making up your mind to buy them this season. Have a look!

    Down Drawstring Sleeves Long Parka Jacket



    This grey parka long down jacket is windproof. This windbreaker jacket is mainly made of nylon that prevents heat loss and keeps you warm. 

    With its zip closure, the jacket protects against cold. The zip opening with an attached hood makes it more stylish. The adjustable hood also protects your head and ears against cold temperatures and makes it suitable for foggy and snowy days. The funnel neck design acts as an abrasion-resistant neck guard keeping it warm too. Its zipped pockets are a warm hideaway for hands in cold weather.

    This long down parka jacket can be used for different purposes. You can style it with tight bottoms and with chunky boots to proportionate the look. The leather pants will be a great option to pair up with a long down jacket. The hooded jacket can also be paired with sweaters, cardigans, and t-shirts. It is completely machine washable.

    Hooded Down Multi Pockets Long Parka Jacket

    white parka


    This high-quality jacket is made of nylon, which is super soft and comfortable. This jacket handles the rain well as it is water-resistant. Multi-pockets of this jacket make it more fashionable and chic. 

    As you can see, there are two pockets on the chest. Zipped pockets on the arms add flavor to the look. The drawstrings of the hood are a plus point and there are also drawstrings at the hem to provide extra protection from cold weather. It does an excellent job of wind shielding and maintaining body temperature.

    So, if you are planning to travel in winter, this lightweight jacket will be perfect for you. Its compressibility is its striking feature which saves you from the hassle of storage problems.

    This parka long down jacket is available in two colors: orange and beige. Orange ones can be worn over a black or white sweater or shirt and the neutral beige color pairs well with almost every color.


    Faux Shearling Paneled Parka Short Down Jacket



    This high-quality, soft, and breathable short down jacket is made up of nylon. This fabric is perfect for keeping you warm in cold weather. This cozy, fashionable, trendy, and warm faux shearling jacket features an elegant hood convertible collar for extra comfort. It has a super-soft, ultra-fluffy fleece fabric that feels luxurious. Also, it has a full-length front zip that is easy to wear and wind-resistant. This handsome wintery jacket is ideal for everyday styling.

    This breathable Parka short down jacket is comfortable enough to wear all day. Because it has excellent characteristics like abrasion resistance and friction-free stitching that minimizes rubbing and rashes. Compared to other coats, these jackets will be your long-term winter partner due to the anti-pilling and anti-static finish.

    To find a suitable jacket according to your need and style is quite a task. But having excellent options like mentioned makes your life easier. They are a great choice when it comes to style and comfortability. We believe winters are all about puffy jackets and coats. So, why don’t you grab one from our store now!

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