How to Wear a Windbreaker Jacket in Style

How to Wear a Windbreaker Jacket in Style

Windbreaker jackets are perfect for the rainy and early winter seasons. They are lightweight and easy to carry. If you are the one who loves travelling or is always up for an adventure, then you can not find a better partner than a windbreaker jacket. Whether it is the chilly winds or light rain, your windbreaker jacket is capable of keeping it away from you. But what about the style? You certainly do not want to look like a bag of clothes. 

These ultra-casual windbreaker jackets can level up your street game too. As you might have guessed from the name, this post is about styling techniques using your windbreaker jacket.  Let us discuss the various options you have to look classy and warm at the same time. 

How to Wear a Windbreaker Jacket in Style

The windbreaker jacket is warm but lightweight. You can wear it effortlessly, keeping your style game on. Here is how:

Pair it up with Different Bottoms

What you choose to wear with your windbreaker jacket will change your style game. Here are some graceful yet great options:

High Waist Pants

High waist pants and a windbreaker jacket, does it not sound like a perfect option? An open windbreaker jacket with these pants will create an ideal attire for a meetup with friends. 

High waist pants are always a go-to option to style with girls windbreaker jackets. They will keep you comfy and classy at the same time.

Skinny Jeans

windbreaker with jeans

You can style your women's windbreaker jacket with a pair of skinny jeans. Either a regular waist or a lower waist will compliment women's windbreaker jackets. 

You can carry this style for a cozy get-together at your place or for a walk on the streets. A nude beige or an ash windbreaker jacket styled with skinny jeans can accelerate your fashion game for a casual look. It will make you look cool and fashionable.

Ripped Jeans

Are you planning a road trip with your friends?

Do you want to look your best but do not want to compromise your comfort?

A windbreaker jacket with a pair of ripped jeans will do.

Even if you are going for a school trip, a girls windbreaker jacket and ripped jeans will be the perfect combo.

Running Tights

Are you concerned about your health? Are you a fitness freak? Do you want to attain it with a class?

Then you can turn your jogging look into a trendy affair. 

A black windbreaker jacket paired with running tights will not only look classy but also comfortable. You can run, jog or exercise as much as you want and your outfit will not create a problem. It is easy to pull up and keeps you comfy. A high ponytail will just set the mood right for a workout with a women’s windbreaker jacket paired with running tights. 


For a chic, sporty look, pair your oversized girls windbreaker jacket with shorts. It will be simple, elegant and trendy. You can ace this look on a rainy day when you will go for a hang out with your girls.

Tennis Skirt

windbreaker with skirt

With a tennis skirt and a fully tucked-in or a half tucked-in women’s windbreaker jacket, you can experience a lady-like feel in this duo. This style has class, elegance and charm. Paired with the right set of shoes, and you can set the place on fire wherever you go. 

Options To Wear Underneath

Just like the bottoms set the right mood, what you wear underneath your windbreaker jacket also defines your style. Read below to know:

Crop Top

You can turn your sweet and sober ash or beige windbreaker jacket into a sassy one by adding a pop of color. Pair your windbreaker jacket with a bright crop top underneath. If you are okay with being crazy with the colors, you can also go for a neon crop top. Your simple jacket will change into a high-profile outfit. 

A Hoodie

Is it too cold outside?

Add layers under your windbreaker jacket.

Be creative with your style and wear it over a hoodie. It will look sporty, casual and cozy. A pair of ripped jeans and sneakers will add to the look. And you will stand out in the crowd. 


Girls are getting involved in sports, even more, these days. But sports should not be a reason not to be swank. Grab your women's windbreaker jacket and use it with your sportswear. You are ready to slay and shine in your sportswear.

Go Oversized

Oversized is trendy. Opt for an oversized windbreaker jacket and style it the way you want. Take a size or two bigger than your regular fit and see if it is easy to carry for you. If the sleeves are too long, just turn them up and fold. Or you may roll up the sleeves. Tuck in the jacket if you want, or let it loose. You will look great.

Opt for a Reversible Jacket 

black reversible jacket

A reversible jacket saves you from buying one more. It is pocket-friendly and doubles your styling options. A reversible jacket also rescues the public humiliation of a spilled drink or food stain. 

The reversible jacket usually has a different fabric or opposite colors on both sides, thus saving you from being bored of the same windbreaker jacket.

A Formal Look Maybe?

Do you have a black or some other nude windbreaker jacket?  Why not carry it on a regular office day! Use your formal trousers and tuck in your windbreaker.

Do not opt for this style if your office demands a highly formal getup.

Our Recommendations

Whatever style(s) you opt for, remember your comfort comes first. If you are comfortable, you will look confident and classy in your skin. 

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