5 Places to Wear Your Cargo Mini Skirt

5 Places to Wear Your Cargo Mini Skirt

All the '90s fashion looks are back! Do you remember how cargo mini skirt was the must-have of female clothing back in the '90s? Well, for a more formal and petite look, you can wear cargo skirts to offices and other places. They are back with all their glamor. You’ve been thinking of getting one lately, right? We’ve seen so many celebrities flaunting their look in them. Cargo skirts are sleek and slender, and they define body shape. When paired with a perfect pair of shoes, you can make your look flawless in them. 

A cargo skirt is a skirt created from a tough denim-like fabric with front or side pockets. So, where should you buy one? What color suits you the most? What fabric? And most importantly, how can you style them to make different looks? This is the perfect place you landed in. Here, we will tell you how you can style your favorite cargo skirts and where you can wear these outfits, and offer you the perfect skirt for you to get your trendy look going. You can create some attractive looks by wearing a skirt with pockets. Let’s get straight to that!

How to Choose a Mini Skirt for You?

cargo mini skirt

Choosing a perfect cargo mini skirt for yourself is a task. There are so many to choose from in the market. You can get confused between the colors, cuts, and styles. Well, the best way to pick up the mini skirt that looks amazing on you is to consider some things before buying. These three things are as follows:


You know your style best. Try out different skirts and then decide what looks best on you. So, never waste money on those styles that people recommend you, be your own style-boss. 

Body Type

Your style is defined by the body type you have. Everyone has different heights, body shapes, and bone structures. So, it is crucial to get a skirt that fits your body.


Always pick the color of any outfit that compliments your skin tone. A red skirt might not look that good on you as it was looking on your friend. So, be wise in selecting the colors. 

Now, let’s move to the part where you will get to know where you can wear your cargo skirts. Check out these looks yourself!

mini cargo skirt

Office: Cargo Mini Skirt with Buttoned-up Shirt

If you work in an office where you have to wear formal clothing, then cargo skirts are perfect for you. You can pair it with a buttoned-up shirt. It looks so classy and makes you feel bossy. So if you have a meeting or are going to some business conference, wear the combination and impress everyone. The look is so confident and brings the positiveness of your personality to the world. Carry a handbag with it and wear formal ankle strap heels to complete your look. Pretty!

Parties: Skirt with Pockets Paired up with Tank Top

Create this petite young lady-like look by wearing the cargo skirt with a sleeveless V-neck tank top. You can pick different kinds of tank tops to pair up with, but we recommend selecting a plain tank top with a pocketed skirt. With wavy curls and a confident smile, you will become the heart of the party. To make it wholesome, wear a pendant and platform slide sandals. This party look makes you look young and trendy.  

Shopping: T-shirt Paired with Skirt

mini skirt

Going out shopping with friends is an event itself. You have so much fun shopping with your friends, and you always stop by some eating place to eat something, But, with all the shopping bags and weight, you want to feel comfortable too. Don’t worry at all! Wear a black T-shirt or any T-shirt with a cargo mini skirt and flat sandals, and see the magic you create. It is comfy, casual, and confident. You neither feel too dressed nor underdressed.

Farmhouse: Pair a Cargo Skirt with Scoop Neck Top

The countryside is so natural, green, and pure. The scene and the purity of everything around the farmhouses are pretty attractive. If you like to visit the countryside often, this should be your look to bring. You can match your cargo mini skirt with a scoop neck tank top to travel with your family to the country clubs and farmhouses. Put on your favorite shades and a hat as the sunlight is direct in open fields. You will look nothing less than Indiana Jones!

Lunch: Cropped Top and Skirt

For lunch with family, friends, or your colleague, wearing a skirt with pockets and a cropped top is a pretty choice. Wear some stylish necklace and pick heels from your closet to wear with the look. It is sassy and semi-formal. The entire outfit makes you feel loved and all smiley. Style it more by carrying a handbag and small earrings. Are you imagining all the celebrity feels right now?  Well, of course, it’s perfect for a daytime get-together. 

off white mini skirt

If you want to style a chic skirt for your upcoming event, check out here. You will find the perfect fit and size for yourself. For more information on styling different clothes, you can contact us NOW!

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