Styling Oversized Blazer

Styling Oversized Blazer
Oversized blazers are taking over the runway, as well as the streets. What people love most about this trend, is how versatile the look is. You can dress up your oversized blazer, you can wear one as your statement piece, or you can dress is down with sneakers for a streetstyle ready look.

This trend has been gaining popularity for the last 4-5 years and we are still seeing it styled differently. One could wear an oversized blazer wrapped with a belt for a night out. Throw a pair of wide leg trousers, such as the new VHNY wide leg trousers that match the oversized blazer, and a pair of sneakers for a very popular streetstyle look.
Classic Look
This oversized single breasted blazer is what you've been looking for. Hot on runways and on your favorite influencers, this look is a perfect balance between dressy and casual. The styling options are endless or steal the look and wear with the matching wide leg trousers. Try this blazer with the matching wide leg trousers. Style with a simple top underneath. You could try styling with lace or satin, a plunging neckline or a turtleneck, or keep it open as you see below for a statement look. Style with heels or fashionable shoes for a classic look.
Casual Streetstyle Look
The causal streetstyle look with the oversized blazer and  matching wide leg trousers is very trendy right now. It is really perfect for any occasion and great for showing off your personality. It’s the perfect choice for you if you’re looking for style and comfort and it’s the only way to achieve chic and classic style while still wearing sneakers.
What is so great about streetstyle is that you don’t have to sacrifice quality. For the streetstyle casual look all you‘ll want to do is swap the accessories. Wear a simple white tee instead of a dressy top under the blazer. Swap the heels for sneakers. Let your hair be free rather than a slicked back look. This look is so much fun to style. Try yours with VHNY’s new collection.

Mix N Match
There’s an option to wear loose items for your top and bottom. That style is very in right now, but maybe you‘d like more right fitting on the top of bottom. One way to style and outfit with both loose and fitted, to balance proportion, is to wear a skirt or shorts under the blazer. Add a belt to cinch the waist to give you an hour glass look. This look is great for chilly nights or night when you want a jacket, or cover, without wearing a coat. Wear your oversized blazer over a simple mini dress or skirt with a belt for a blazer dress look that is also quite popular right now. You can also have fun styling that look with statement heels, boots, and eye catching belts. This look calls for loud statement pieces.

You can also style your oversized blazer over a casual outfit. Style the blazer over jeans or jean shorts and pair with sneakers or boots and a simple tee shirt. Let your hair be free and throw on a crossbody bag for this casual streetstyle look.

The options are endless. Have fun styling!

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