Ways to Style a Sherpa Jacket

Ways to Style a Sherpa Jacket

If you are looking for warm and comfortable wardrobe ideas for this season, a Sherpa jacket is the one you need. It is among the coziest and most stylish options. You must be aware that they are incredibly popular with fashionable men and women all around the world these days. So, you may boldly follow their lead and design fashionable ensembles of your own. But, first and foremost, what is a Sherpa fabric? As a result, you should be aware that it is an artificial fabric that looks like faux fur and imitates fleece or lamb wool.

It is warm but looks very cool when you wear them as your winter jacket. There are various styles that you want to select. You can get a turtleneck in such a jacket style too. Sometimes people get confused because of how these jackets look. These jackets may look similar to the fleece jackets from the far. But they are not. Both of these jackets are different. Though both of them are made from synthetic fabrics yet their appearance and properties differ. So, you have a Sherpa jacket in your closet? But do you know how to style Sherpa items with your day-to-day winter clothing? If not, scroll down to see some fantastic outfit ideas featuring a Sherpa cardigan and a sweater.


Style 1 - Multicolored Sherpa Turtleneck Jacket

red blue sherpa jacket

The multicolored trend is never out. We are not talking about the whole of the rainbow color mixture. But a mix of two or three colors that compliment each other. Such a Sherpa jacket looks so good with straight pants. You can wear them as you go out with friends on a chilly winter day. It looks chic and goes with most of your personalities. Pair the outfit with ankle boots if you are going somewhere high-end. It will make you all glammed up and stylish instead of making you look bulky. Most of them come with a pocket. It adds beauty to the jacket, and you can use it to put your essential small items too.


Style 2 - Gray Leopard Sherpa Style Jacket

grey sherpa jacket

Leopard prints are very chic and never get old. They seem to have been in wardrobe style for a very long time. Leopard prints in different colors especially, gray and brown are classic. They not only look attractive but also make a style statement. You can wear them with anything that goes with them. Whether jeans, straight pants, leggings, or whatever bottoms you have in your winter closet. Wear a sweatshirt under the Sherpa jacket, and you are good to move outside of the house. We are sure people will ask your opinion on the latest styling trends.


Style 3 - Oversized Sherpa Cardigan

oversized sherpa cardigan

Sweaters and cardigans are among the favorites. They are super comfortable, thin, sleek, and warm. If they come in faux fur Sherpa style, styling them gets 10X better. Such cardigans are the best to wear over white or black shirts or, maybe sweatshirts. For a younger styling and appearance, you can try plain white sneakers or boots with them. Surprisingly, such cardigans are unisex. It means there are no gender restrictions. So, if you are a boy or a girl, planning to buy one, go for it. There are different colors you can select from, so pick the one that goes with your skin tone. You can even accessorize your look by wearing a cap or hat. It will add flavor to what you are wearing.


Style 4 - Sherpa Jacket with Hoodie

oversized sherpa turtleneck

Whenever you want to wear something pretty stylish over your hoodie. A Sherpa jacket is the one winter wear you need. They are so versatile that you can wear them with different things, including hoodies. When there is so much cold outside or for example, it is a snowing season. You need extra clothes to stay warm. In such a case, if you want to step outside for work or other things, you want something that wouldn’t embarrass you in front of people. So, you can pair your hoodie with a Sherpa-style jacket of yours.


Style 5 - Black Cardigan in Sherpa Fabric

black sherpa cardigan

For an indoor party look, you need to be very upgraded and modern. In such cases where you are attending winter parties, a Sherpa jacket comes to the rescue. Wear them with your favorite outfit either dress or shirt. For a funky element, wear winter fur shoes with them. It is unique and new, and most people don’t suggest such styling. But, for making a style statement, you need to push your boundaries and experiment with the looks. You are agreeing with us, right? So, pick a beautiful jacket for yourself and try different dresses with it.


You see, there are so many things you can do with your winter wardrobe. The most important thing to do is make up your mind about this. You can mix and match. Playing with the clothes is a nice and authentic way to try out different styles. That is what VHNY promotes. Do not limit yourself in the world of styling. Get up and explore. For getting styling tips and winter wardrobe shopping, contact us now!

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