Which Things to Consider Before Buying a Bomber Jacket - Style Your Look

Which Things to Consider Before Buying a Bomber Jacket - Style Your Look

Do you know what is one of the most googled jackets? Well, you guessed that right. Bomber jacket! Yes, today we are going to talk about immensely fashionable jackets. Don’t they make you look 100X more handsome and classy? Of course. They have a class that makes you look super amazing. Speaking of these jackets, they have various styles and colors and whatnot. Such jackets have become a global phenomenon that transcends geography, language, and culture. 

But with so many options, you get confused about which one to purchase for yourself. And what features to look for while buying them. Don’t worry, we got everything covered. Here is an exclusive blog where we will tell you EVERYTHING regarding a double zip bomber jacket. So, if you are planning to buy the perfect jacket for you to make your winter look complete, this is your golden chance to avail yourself. Let’s tell you the crucial factors to consider before buying an appropriate jacket for you!

Buy Quality

If you're looking to get your bomber jacket, don't go for the cheapest one. The price of these jackets, especially one made of leather, is directly proportional to their quality. It is not true for all items, particularly nylon bombers. But, if you get cheap leather, you will be dissatisfied because it will crease and tear apart quickly, and it will not lay flat over your torso to provide you with the sophisticated aesthetic that bombers are famous for. Certain low-cost leathers have foul odors and may even rot, which you do not want.

Good Stitching

ash bomber jacket

It is pretty simple to miss this point. It may perhaps be the most prevalent source of aggravation for inexperienced purchasers following a purchase. Leather bombers are thick. It is a strong material that requires unique stitching to keep it in good condition over time. Thick stitches that pinch the fabric at the zipper are what you should be searching for. Eliminate any single, thin thread stitches around the zipper area. Without going too technical, one line seams have a lack of structural stability. With time, the seams will weaken, causing your bomber to slump and possibly come undone.

Go for Flip-up Collars This Season

khaki bomber jacket

You will so many bomber jacket guides, but you will not find any tip that speaks for flip-up collars. Well, in the winter when there is so much cold outside, and you are freezing. Flip-up collars came to rescue the neck area and offer you the necessary warmth. What a perfect way to style your bomber too! You will look dashing in a flipped-up collar and jeans underneath your jacket. 

Tuck in Your Shirt 

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Most of you know that bombers are a little shorter length-wise. They are always above your hips. So if you want a clean and sleek look, don't forget to tuck in your shirt whether you are wearing a dress shirt, T-shirt, or sweatshirt underneath. It looks way too good this way and minimizes the cold that enters through the short sides of the jacket. 

Know Your Style

You must be pretty clear about what type of double zip bomber jacket suits you the most. There are so many options in the market available. The best way to find out your style is to try out all your potentially preferred styles. Play with your body and mix and match different outfits with them. You can check out different colors of jackets as well.

Bombers with Patches 

This type of jacket is accessible in various forms, including fully embroidered patches having large pockets and a hood. If you are a fashionista, these are the types to go for if you want to get all the celebrity feels. The look is highly recommendable for young girls and boys who want to make a style statement. In films and serials, numerous celebrities used these kinds of bomber-style jackets having patches.

Hooded Bombers

Buying a hooded-type jacket is a fresh approach to dressing up. It will offer you a badass appearance as well as a warm vibe. Hooded jackets have become fashionable in recent years, and they are a must-have item in any winter wardrobe collection. To make this jacket more effective, pair it with jeans, a T-shirt or a sweater.

Brown Jackets Make You Casual

Are you a college-goer? Or works in an office where there are no formal dress code restrictions? In both cases, you need to buy a brown bomber. Brown ones are so in these days because they are attractive and fresh to look at. It has so many benefits like it is comfortable, easy to carry, and makes you look younger and smarter than usual. You can wear it with your favorite jeans of any color.

The bombers are an investment as they are leather made usually. So always invest in a good one having good quality and style in it. Know your body type and choose colors that work the best for you. For different bomber jackets options, you can rely on us. As we are offering classy jackets to you. Check out our collection now!

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