How to Look Hot in a Cropped Hoodie?

How to Look Hot in a Cropped Hoodie?
Winter is here, and you don't want to look like a couch potato wearing so many layers? Well, everyone wants to look hot and fashionable wearing something casual but fun. Then shout out to Cropped Hoodies! They are super comfortable, warm, trendy, and chic. They look like truly fashionable clothing items, unlike your regular-length hoodies, when paired with high-waisted pants. These cropped hoodies do not just make you feel confident and gorgeous, but they also highlight your body features, making your torso look tall. 
It's the type of clothes that may be styled hundreds of different ways and included in infinite different outfits. You can wear a shirt below the hoodie if you don't want to show your stomach. If the weather is warm, pair an oversized hoodie with shorts and sneakers.
It is a chic look for a schoolgirl to wear a cropped hoodie and skinny jeans and leather boots. As a result, cropped sweaters or hoodies are a must-have and attractive outfit to include in your wardrobe.
Such hoodies are an easy-to-wear trend that almost everyone can wear. Give them a try, and you'd love to wear them, experimenting with the looks even further. If you aren't clear on how to pull a classy look, here are six ways to tell you how to look hot in cropped hoodies.

6 Ways to Look Hot in Cropped Hoodie

 High-Waist Pants: Casual Look

The cropped zip-up hoodie looks fantastic with high-waisted pants or jeans. You can play with the colours and mix and match for fun.
For the pants, try wearing blue high-waisted denim because it upgrades the look.
It will make a perfect outfit to wear at a school party or any day-to-day event. You probably have seen so many celebrities pulling off high-waisted jeans and cropped hoodie outfits.
Accessorise the look with a stylish pair of shades and Viola! You will be the star of the event.

Pair it with Trousers: Sporty Look with Braids

To create a sporty look, trousers go very well with a cropped hoodie. This multi-pocket black hoodie will spice things a little. If you want all chic, braided hair, you need to pair up with a cropped zip hoodie.
Braids give you a clean and sleek appearance with hoodies. They make you look younger, playful, and smart. The braids can be of different styles. You do a classic one or the ladder.
The fishtail and the Dutch braids go the best with a black crop hoodie. Hairstyles lift the whole look, and you look more confident.

Pair with leggings: Gym Look

Spicing up the cropped hoodie with a pair of leggings can never go wrong. If you are taking our advice, pair up a cropped-style hoodie with black leggings. The combination looks so good together.
As the hoodie makes you look thin and athletic, the leggings do the same thing. Your body becomes more streamlined when you wear leggings and cropped zip hoodies together.
You can use this outfit for your workout regime or for going on a walk with your dog.  You can also create this look for your Yoga Class.

Low Waist Denim: Sunny Day Look

Low waist denim with a cropped hoodie can make you look even hotter during a sunny day. The cropped hoodie already enhances your torso above the stomach; moreover, paired with low waist denim, it creates a hot outfit to wear on a sunny day.
Choosing low waist denim with an oversized cropped hoodie may not be a good option for everybody because it focuses on your stomach and makes it prominent.
Choosing this look may go well with those who have toned bodies.

Style it with Shorts: Traveling
Another way to look super hot in an oversized hoodie is to style it with shorts. You can play with the look and choose loose shorts or high-waisted tight shorts. Then again, choose whatever combination suits your body type and your overall personality. We believe the outfit represents who you are.
The created look is best for travelling or mountain trekking.
Adding a cap as an accessory will make you look even smart and fit.

Wear it underneath Coat: College Look

When the temperatures drop, you can wear your cropped hoodie beneath a coat and create a hot looking outfit. This look can be created for your day to day use during college. You can open the coat buttons indoors from time to time to look stylish and elegant.
The best thing about the open coat is that it will protect you from the cold and enhance your torso when the buttons are open. You can still enhance your curves with this warm yet hot look! The cropped zip-up hoodie is designed to be a mix of casual, cool, cozy, and confident, irrespective of how you dress it up, whether you downplay it or wear it casually. They step-up the wardrobe game nowadays. There isn't a single day when you miss out on a celebrity wearing street fashion cropped hoodies at different spots. It looks as if everyone is wearing them these days. So, are you willing to experiment a little and add flavor to your outfits? If yes, get yourself a fine quality comfy cropped zip hoodie and feel like the queen of the world. Let us know which of the ways listed above is your favorite?
You can also check our collection of cropped hoodies to include in your wardrobe for creating these looks for yourself.

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