How You Can Make a Classy Look Out of an Oversized Hoodie

oversized hoodie

First question, why is oversized hoodie so much in fashion these days? We tell you, because it makes you look cozy and fashionable.  The hype is real and we know you are struggling to get the perfect look in your newly bought oversized hoodie. Not anymore, as we are here to make you feel at home and tell you different ways to style them. You know, in winters, the vibe all around you is not very fast-paced. You need coziness and the emotional drama going in the head makes you do simple styling. For 1-2 years, street style fashion has been popular among the majority of people. You see so many celebrities roaming around in their oversized clothes. Matching with the trends and seeing the comfortable fashion, hoodies make the perfect outfit for you. They are warm, comfortable, and most importantly effortless. Yes! By effortless, we mean you don't have to put too much effort styling them and still manage to look so good in them. 

Guess what, they are dangerous too as they can be sloppy or don't go with your personality at all. So, what to do? Well, if you have the right fit and a little sense of fashion, you can make things right. If you still need guidance, we are here to help! So, let’s tell you how you can upgrade your winter look with chic winter hoodies.

A Step by Step Guide on How to Look Classy with Oversized Hoodie

It happens several times when you buy an oversized black zip hoodie, but you cannot decide which pants to pair with it. Or you have your hoodie that seemed nice in store but now you don’t know what to do with it. A lot of fuss going on, right? The answer to this is to always consider a couple of things while purchasing the perfect hoodie for yourself. It will not only save your money from wasting but also complete up your entire look. Let's see what to look for in a hoodie that makes you get the right one from your favorite store.


beige hoodie

Size and Fitting

You may need to get a hoodie that is 2 times larger than your normal size. While buying it, try it on to make sure it fits properly. Ensure that the oversized zip up hoodie is baggy and that the cuffs are somewhat longer than normal. Wearing a hoodie that's only one size bigger than your usual size will make you look sloppy instead of oversized.



 black hoodie

Material of Hoodie

Well, it is always good to buy an oversized zip up hoodie in good material. Fabrics like wool, fleece, cotton with a little polyester are ideal for the winters. They don’t make you look bulky, instead give your body a toned look.



 sand hoodie

 Select Neutral Colors

Getting an oversized hoodie in neutral colors is the best option that will make you look classy. Try black oversized hoodie, pastels, beige, brown, and greys. They will go with almost everything whether pants, jeans or shorts.



purple oversized hoodie

Hoodie with Pockets

If you want a classy look, prefer buying a hoodie with pockets. They add so much to the hoodie and make you look stylish. The hoodie with pockets is a favorite among people.
After buying the perfect hoodie, the next challenge is styling it with different things to make a complete outfit. Let’s move to that, shall we?


5 Ways to Match the Outfit for a Classy Look 

Here are 5 matching outfit ideas that will complete your entire look:

  • Pair with Knee-High Boots

If you wish to look similar to Ariana Grande, this might be your chance. Pair your black oversized hoodie with classy knee-high boots and you are pretty much done. You see, how easy and comfortable it is. 

  • Add Layers

A hoodie paired with a blazer or coat is a timeless look. A leather jacket, on the other hand, will give you a bad guy vibe and an intense finish. For cold nights, a trench can offer you a more elegant style. The hoodie can also be worn with a denim jacket For a cool look, use contrast in color combination and textures.

  • Accessorize Your Look

Hats, bags, brooches, and jewelry can all vastly improve your appearance. To add some sparkle, roll up the sleeves and wear a watch or bracelet. A sleek handbag, a suede briefcase, or perhaps a clutch are all options. When it comes to hats, nothing beats a baseball cap for creating a streetwear impression.

  • Maintain the Balance

If you are wearing an oversized zip up hoodie with baggy trousers, it will just not keep the balance. For keeping it cool and classy, wear anything tight on bottoms. For example, you can mix and match with skinny jeans, leggings, or tight pants. That way you look cozy and classy  at the same time!

  • Skirt it Up

For a more fun look, girls can style their oversized black zip up hoodie with a tennis skirt. You can play with different skirt styles your preferred way. This will be perfect for college and high street fashion style. 

For trendy yet classy looks, you need to step up a bit and experiment a little. This doesn’t mean killing your personality. Wear things that define you and set you free, that way you will feel more confident and beautiful. There are several ways by which you can wear a hoodie and make your style statement. We believe now you have a couple of ideas through the blog, so just grab your favorite oversized hoodie from our collection and slay it! 

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