Looking to rebuild your work wardrobe? Suits are the perfect addition to your looks and we the perfect ones. Wearing a suit can confer a feeling of quality, style, and individuality. Besides the feeling of confidence and comfort, suits are often times very slimming and elongating. Not all suits are the same, you'll want suits made from quality materials and that fit you well. 

Right now, spring is around the corner. You'll want work outfits that keep you warm from the chilled breeze and options to remove the blazer if the office is running a little too hot. Picking suits for work, while still showing your personal style, can be difficult. No worries, we have options to cover all the bases here. 



Grey suits are more in fashion now than they have ever been before. Some call them "the only suit you'll ever need" because of how practical they are. They are truly perfect for any occasion. Grey suits are also the best suit to have when starting your business/professional wardrobe. It shows wealth and wisdom and is great for settings when you need professionalism, without flare, but still showing you have style.



This rich brown color is great for styling. This allows you to be professional while still showing your personality. Brown being an earth tone, makes this suit great for matching with other earth toned colors. You'll see the option above to remove the blazer and how great the black blouse looks with the brown trousers. The brown color says dependability. To the youthful eye, it also says style. Brown is very trendy right now, so if you're in a professional space that looks for trends, this is your perfect fit. 


Those are the pantsuits, so what about the 'skirtsuit' options? 



These two looks are perfect for spring. Let's look at the blazer first. VHNY's contrast collar crop blazer is classic. White lapels and white details make this crop blazer stylish and eye catching. The crop fit with long sleeves gives a slimming affect. Style this for any dressy or business casual occasion. It is the perfect addition to your stylish outfit. 

How about the skirt? This A-line gold button skirt easily creates an elegant and slimming look to your outfit. Midi length and comfortability that's perfect for your spring activities. Two fashionable gold front buttons at the waist with a flattering a-line cut. The refreshing white color easily styles this skirt how you please.


As you can see, there are so many reasons why you should own a suit, or two. They are perfect for work and other professional settings and they never go out of style. Visit us to view all of our options for yourself. 

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