Streetwear Tops

Streetwear Tops For Women

Our VHNY streetwear tops for women are available in different styles, patterns and colors. The designs are typically bold and simple with a touch of soft and stretch fabrics that give you the most comfortable feeling. Both of short and long sleeves shirts are decorated with fine finishings with our own unique sense of touch. Some of our tops include special designs such as open front with zippers and buttons, asymmetrical shoulders, and various colors such as from vivid taro to deep black. 

Our tops can be easily featured with any matching bottoms such as leggings, skirts, and pants. From beautiful butterfly prints to solid and muted colors of shirts are diversely found from our tops. Mostly, we feature blacks, browns, grays, sage, white, and taro colors, but there is no limitation for our upcoming collections from texture to solid.

Our tops include satin crop, shoulder padded crop top, tank tops, hoodies and sweatshirts and many more styles in all different sizes. These are popular for all seasons and perfect to show your stylish look, yet casual feeling. Our vibrant colors provide fun, fresh and funky feelings for summer where gives you young and energetic strength.

VHNY does not limit the textiles of fabrics from soft silky, stretch elastic to thick warm knits. With our simple yet detailed works, VHNY is popular amongst teenagers and young adults. Unpredictable, unique and exclusive styles can be found at VHNY.

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