How to Style Your Streetwear on Different Occasions

How to Style Your Streetwear on Different Occasions

Who minds class with comfort?

No one, for sure.

Do you think you can not style your streetwear other than the casual look?

Not anymore!

Streetwear has emerged as a versatile clothing line. From casual to formal, and modern to vintage, you can find all the styles in a streetwear range. You are not limited to an everyday look with your streetwear. Now you can style your streetwear the way you want, for any occasion. Go for the right combination, and you are ready to head to any place.

Since the streetwear is practical – comfy and fashionable – it is the ultimate choice amongst teens and adults alike. VHNY is a trusted name when choosing to style your streetwear for different occasions. Let us have a look!

Style Your Streetwear on Different Occasions

Your streetwear can be anything – a hangout attire, a travel plan, a night out with friends, a party, or even a work outfit. How to style your streetwear for these looks .

A Casual Look!


For that walk to the chemist a block away or going for grocery shopping – you can style your streetwear in its true essence – the casual, comfortable look! Grab a pair of jeans and a tee – a perfect casual look for summer. You may style a crop top instead of a tee. Or go for a tank top. You may also use your activewear collection for an occasional walk in the street. If it is cold outside, add a windbreaker jacket or a boyfriend hoodie to your attire with a pair of sneakers. 

Either a shopping spree, a grocery day out, or just a random tiring day of the week – your outfit will complement your schedule and keep you at ease.

Gym and Sports

Shoulder Padded Crop Sweatshirt

Gymming Or playing a sport

What could be a better option than your sweatshirts and sweatpants!

Style your streetwear crop sweatshirt with sweat shorts to stand out in the gym. Or own your sport with class in your trendy streetwear.

Shoulder pad tops are in these days - why not adopt the trend in your activewear

Choose from a variety of sweatshirts – cropped, padded shoulders, oversized, etc., here

You may style an oversized sweatshirt with sweatpants joggers or opt for the norm – a sweatshirt with a pair of sweatpants. Whichever way you choose, it will be swanky.

Look out for your favorite styles here. Each of the pieces in our collection is available in different colors. See what suits your taste!

Holiday Plan

Shoulder Padded Oversized Hooded Vest

Are you planning a holiday, You certainly do not want to overpack or under pack. 

You want to look your best. But, you also want to enjoy the holiday to its fullest.

The best option – style your streetwear!

The great news – you do not have to carry multiple pieces. Style a crop top in different ways. Or maybe use the same skirt with an oversized hoodie. You may style the same hoodie with a Sherpa cardigan. 

A jersey dress with a bomber jacket,

You have limitless styling options when it comes to streetwear. 

A turtle neck knit top with a pair of white sweatpants can be your styling goal throughout the trip. Add in the right accessories and don your swanky attire.

Party Time


Party time is more fun when you can style your streetwear in some unique, trendy ways. Choose among a midi dress, a cardigan dress, or a jersey dress. Add a pair of faux fur slippers to your look. You may need to add a jacket to complete your look.

How about a mini cargo skirt, a crop top, and a faux fur trench coat

What an adorable combination!

Elevate your fashion sense by being comfy. 

Head to Work

Oversized Cropped Wool Crepe Blazer

Work attires are changing from formal dress codes to comfortable, informal clothing. Most workplaces now allow their employees to opt for a casual dress code. So, if you are working from home or your workplace has no strict dress code, go for your streetwear collection from the wardrobe. 

Style your streetwear in a semi-formal way. Here are a few tips:

If you have a pair of A-line shorts, pair them with an oversized blazer. Or you may opt for a cold shoulder blazer over a crop top and your go-to jeans.

You can pair an oversized cropped blazer with a pleated pair of trousers.

Your cargo mini skirt can come in handy with a wrap shirt, a button-up cardigan top, or a turtle neck tee.

Just a Random Get-together!

Grey Down Drawstring Sleeves Long Jacket

Get-togethers with old friends are great. They take you down memory lane, reminiscing beautiful moments. You have fun, you get nostalgic at times, and you are happy to see each other grow. For such a great day, why not dress up your best!

Being voguish and cozy side by side is a terrific blend. Achieve that with your streetwear. When you have a random get-together with old friends, style your streetwear. You will not regret it.

Pair up a long jacket with your denim and sneakers – cozy yet fashionable!

Wear a cropped puffer jacket with sweatpants joggers – a perfect combo for outdoor meetups.

An ivory faux fur trench coat over a crop top and denim – match made for a formal get-together.

Style Your Streetwear with VHNY

Next time you see a streetwear collection, do not underestimate its usage. You can style your streetwear for any occasion. On the other hand, you can style any streetwear item in different ways. 

VHNY exclusively works to make your streetwear experience classy. So, shop our statement pieces and stand out from the crowd.

Do you wear your streetwear collection on occasions other than mentioned above.  Comment below.

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