One Blouse:Three ways

One Blouse:Three ways

So, you've found your favorite blouse. It's perfect for work, dinner, special occasions, meeting up with friends, etc. After a few wears, however, you might be ready for a change. This is when a blouse with multiple different styling options comes in perfectly.

Our bow tie button-up blouse is a perfect blouse to keep your outfits ever-changing. And with three different spring-ready colors, your outfit options just grew.

For a more casual look, you can leave the ties down. This look can be seen in many different magazines and on style influencers. Style this look with jeans and sneakers or boots. The hanging ties create a distinct look for your outfit. You can even play around style your blouse with a low bow. Think of the ties as your added accessory.

Try the bow at your neck if you're looking for a dressy look or an office-ready look. This look is very sophisticated and professional look. Think Gossip Girl, Chanel, tea at Tiffany's, and more. This look pairs perfectly with pencil or a-line skirts and dress shoes or heels. 


Another fun way is to leave this blouse open and show some skin. We've seen button us blouses as cover-ups, wrapped around waists, tied around the front and back. This look leaves the shoulders out for a sexy look, perfect for late-night dinners or events with friends. Mini skirts are an excellent choice for this look with fun heels for nighttime events. Pair this as you please.

There are many ways to style this blouse, but here are three ways we have styled ours. Shop here for more options. Have fun and remember fashion has no limits.

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