2012  Designer Vivienne Hu launched VHNY, an abbreviation for Vivienne Hu New York, as a shoe line. The first pair introduced were the Sara Flat Pointed Toe Ankle Boots, available in 12 different colors.

  VHNY opened its first store on the outskirts of Soho, New York.

  To enhance the online shopping experience, VHNY established a fulfillment center in California, ensuring faster delivery for customers.

2018  VHNY collaborated with tech company Tencent and actor Li Hongyi to unveil a shoe collection during New York Fashion Week, featuring VHNY sneakers.

2019  Vivienne Hu finalized the VHNY goddess logo, drawing inspiration from the powerful and wise goddess Athena. The VHNY shoe collection made its debut on macys.com, reaching a broader audience.

2020  In response to the pandemic, VHNY temporarily closed its Soho store and pivoted to producing and selling personal protective equipment in California, Florida, and New York.

2021  Transitioning to a fully digital approach, VHNY focused on e-commerce within the United States. The brand unified its social media presence under the name @vhny.us, becoming the official accounts on Instagram and TikTok.

2022  Celebrating a decade in business, VHNY introduced a collection of Goodyear welted boots and flats for both men and women.

2023  VHNY reached a significant milestone, offering on web an impressive selection of 500 styles in men's and women's leather and exotic leather shoes.