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4th of July Celebrations, shoes to celebrate it

Imagine smelling the barbecue and talking with friends during the upcoming holiday. Warm weather, good friends, and good food are what the 4th of July brings, but add a shoe sale and make it even better!

Since we feel holidays and sales go so well together, we decided to have one. VHNY now offers 30% off the website for a limited time only. Now is this time to grab our popular White Pointed Toe Ankle Boots or our perfect-for-summer Kelly Green Ruched Toe Pumps.



VHNY ankle booties are the best accessories. Style these booties easily for all-year-round wear. With varying styles and heel sizes, these boots are easy to dress. These ankle boots are perfect for work, meeting with friends, and showing off your style! Shop Macy’s boots, and you’ll find us there! But we’re always available to you here at VHNY.us. VHNY pointed ankle boots are available in 5 colors: red, green, black, brown, and white, with different styles and textures. You can dress up these trendy boots or dress them down for a casual fashion look.


White boots are where we start. White boots have been a hot trend lately, and we know why; they match perfectly with almost everything. White boots tie the outfit together, from shorts and a shirt to a summer dress.


Black boots are classic. They are sleek and pair well with many different styles of outfits, such as business casual for work or evening wear for events.


Green boots are an exciting addition to the VHNY line. We love how they can be styled. Green has also been a hot color lately. Add some color to your outfits with these ankle booties.


VHNY Red booties are the shoes we all need. The touch of red brings confidence and style to any outfit. If you are something that wears a lot of neutral tones for work, the red shoe can be an exciting touch.

Brown boots are classic, trendy, and sleek. Pair white and other brown colors with these brown booties for a chic, elegant look. Brown is in super trend right now, so pairing these ankle booties is easy. They will also match well with colors complemented by white or black.

Enjoy your 30% off these booties and more at VHNY.us. Use code July4thsale to get your discount now!


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