why alligator skin shoes are best for men's luxury on market?

why alligator skin shoes are best for men's luxury on market?

Men's alligator skin oxfords or loafers are a great investment for any professional or luxury lifestyle wardrobe. Not only are they incredibly stylish, but they are ultimately luxury, comfortable and long-lasting. Alligator skin is a type of leather that comes from the hide of alligators. It is known for its distinct look and texture.

what is alligator skin

alligator skin is a rare and valuable leather material. It refers to the leather products made of alligator skin as raw materials, its main advantages are reflected in its beautiful texture, strong durability, with natural luster and so on. At the same time, it's expensive, its market price is high, and it's a product that holds its value very well, even in resell market.

alligator skin is extracted from the belly or back of some species of alligator, such as the American alligator and the African elephant-trunk alligator. Since alligator skin is usually very resistant to wear and impact, the resulting products are very durable. In addition, alligator leather also has a certain waterproof performance, can better prevent water intrusion, thus improving the service life of leather products.

The advantages of alligator skin

Alligator skin is known for its unique texture. The skin has a distinctive pattern of raised scales that give it a rough and bumpy texture. This texture is highly sought after in the fashion industry, as it adds a unique and luxurious look to any product. Additionally, the texture of alligator skin is highly durable, making it a great choice for products that will be used frequently.

The difference between alligator skin and Crocodile skin

Crocodile Nile crocodile skin is the second highest quality crocodile skin. In particular, American and African leather is the best. The ventral skin of the Nile crocodile is evenly dense, with pores as thin as the tip of a needle, and the ventral skin is rounded.

The skin of an Alligator is the third most alligator. The skin of alligators is not as shiny as that of Nile crocodiles, and there are no stomata in the belly skin. But the alligator's skin is full and variegated, which is the fine leather material for making leather bags.

No matter which breed of crocodile, there are many similarities in life habits: they all like to lie on their stomachs, so their belly skin is the best maintained. The skin of the crocodile's belly is regular square pattern, feel soft and comfortable; The belly skin on both sides is also the same soft, but the markings are more rounded, and the price is slightly lower. The skin on the ventral side of crocodiles is now the ultimate leather for luxury handbags. The waste of the ventral skin is also a good leather material for belts, watch straps and leather shoes. As for the skin of the crocodile back and tail, it can also be used in the above various leather goods after processing, and the price is still not low.

generally, alligator skin is considered more expensive than crocodile skin when it comes to shoes. Both alligator and crocodile skins are highly sought after for their exotic and luxurious qualities, but alligator skin is often regarded as more rare and exclusive, which contributes to its higher price.

Where is VHNY's alligator skin come from

VHNY has always been committed to making high-quality shoes that give consumers a comfortable feeling on their feet, using real alligator skin. VHNY alligator leather business men's shoes are made of only from genuine alligator skin, the alligator skin pattern is beautiful and the leather is hard to ensure the life of the product.

Because of the harsh selection criteria, crocodile shoes usually require a dozen crocodiles to choose a leather that meets the requirements. VHNY uses only the softest part of the alligator's belly for each shoe, and each shoe takes an entire piece of crocodile skin to make by hand. One pair shoes need two alligators. 

Handmade and customize VHNY alligator skin men's shoes

VHNY alligator skin Men's shoes In addition to the use of real alligator skin, each pair of shoes is purely handmade, you will enjoy the highest quality alligator skin shoes. VHNY's alligator skin shoes for men provide you with the highest level of service, you can customize your shoes in your feet width from Normal/2E/4E in product pages.



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