Are you ready for summer heels

Are you ready for summer heels

Olive green belongs to early autumn color, is neutral calm olive green, wear a clean and refreshing feeling. A suit jacket is a good choice, which echoes the straight lines of the cut. Go from hot summer to cool September with different shades of green all over your body. Olive green is also perfect for the workplace casual look, which can be worn in a comfortable sports collection without the need for rigid heels. Because olive green is a different color, you can pair it with plaid pants or striped pants to make the bottom look as bold as possible, and then add solid colors to the top.

What color looks good with olive green shoes?

White: green with white is the day, so match down, it will feel clean, bright, and elegant, and there are white clouds, green.

Black: Light green is a dark color, and black is a dark color. Therefore, two of the same color scheme will feel comfortable. This kind of combination will feel solemn.

Gray: has been talking about, the color is white color, any color can match gray, depends on how you wear. So, gray can also match light green, atmospheric.

Red: Green can also go with red. Of course, it should go with that light plain red, not big red, nature's color is green red, so it is very relaxed and natural.

Light yellow: For green, and light yellow together, is also quite good-looking. In the rainbow of seven colors, green and yellow belong to the middle color, together will feel bright and moving.

How do olive green (dark green) shoes match pants and clothes

  1. Fashion sense: This year's trend is camouflage army green overalls with your olive green boots and long dark sweater on the top, feel LA style, enough fashion.
  2. Sweet feeling: the upper body is white Korean version of a small suit, the lower body is matched with black (grey) color 100 fold short wool skirt, legs must be put on black pantyhose, otherwise it will be very cold. Match it with your shoes. Show your sweet and cute side.

High heels + small pants

The bare instep stiletto heels are paired with slim-fit pants. The basic matching method of the same color system is used in the matching of pants and shoes to present a sense of visual harmony. The slim-fit style of slim-fit pants perfectly highlights the sense of thinness and slimness on the leg shape through a little outline design.

High heels + fur

If you want to wear expensive clothes, you can use short fur jacket to match high-waisted style of small foot pants. In the upper and lower body matching, you can use short top and high bottom to show the line of long legs. At the same time, you can use the combination of expensive fur and simple black small foot pants to show the combination of light and dark color matching effect.

The moderately loose fur coat is matched with slim style of small foot pants, so that the upper body presents enough comfort with a moderate sense of space, and the lower body is matched with slim small foot pants to show the advantage of beautiful legs. At the same time, the upper body fur coat can highlight the luxurious feeling of mature women to the extreme, and the feet are matched with stiletto style high heels, which is full of exquisite feeling.

High Heels + Jeans

The simplest way to wear high-heeled shoes is to combine them with jeans. The combination of high-heeled shoes with pointed head and small-legged pants with slim body style presents a very strong sense of delicacy. When choosing jeans, the nine-point length design can be used to moderately expose the ankle to show enough refreshing sense. At the same time, a little skin exposure can be used to highlight the body of the cougar sexy way.

Slim style jeans and the combination of pointy style high heels show a sense of fashion and foreign style is no doubt, but this kind of collocation usually for the leg type requirements will be slightly high, if your leg type belongs to the typical big thick leg or false crotch wide, when wearing to avoid this slim style jeans.

High heels + Coat

On the panasonic tight, on the short collocation way is very suitable for European and American girls, because the European and American girls usually figure skeleton is relatively large, so through the collocation of loose coat can hide the shortcomings of the big skeleton, but also through the advantages of the skeleton of the loose long coat better prop up.

When wearing a coat, we will basically match leggings, small pants and jeans in the lower body of the more common trouser suit, if you want to match high heels, then in the choice of trouser suit should try to match slim style, slim jeans, leather pants can be compared to show the slim feeling on the leg type, The combination of high heels can make the height and temperament get double promotion.

VHNY OLIVIA Green High Heels Calf Leather

A woman's delicacy is usually not reflected in the above clothes, but reflected in the shoes, bags and this kind of accessories and makeup and hair collocation, want to be a delicate woman, show from the collocation of high heels! If you haven't picked out your heels yet, take a look at these green pumps from vhny.

Elevate your look in a stylish way by wearing these slip on OLIVIA green high heels.  The pointed toe shape and the right heel height maximize your figure, and the comfortable yet stiff leather is suitable for different occasions, from daily work to casual parties. 


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