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Benefits of having low heel, lightweight shoes.

As we start to age, there is one thing we should we should remind ourselves: Comfortable shoes should be a priority. Sure those stilettos are cute and are perfect with that dress you've been eagerly waiting to wear, however, when you're on your feet for work, you should think about your joints. 

Working in retail for over five years, I know the importance of wearing sensible shoes. My work attire called for business casual, meaning I couldn't wear sneakers. But I loved dressing up. I wanted to look my best, and finding a balance between fashionable and sensible became imperative.


There are other reasons to seek comfortable shoes. One can avoid pains in their back and feet by wearing lower heels and lightweight shoes. So how high is too high? First, this depends on the activity. If you're on your feet most of the day, it is best to stay under 2 inches. Consider a low heel work shoes or even a flat boot in this case. If you have the option to spend much of your day in your chair, you can bump it up a bit, but 3.5 is a good number to stay around to keep from feeling the pain.

There is always the option to bring shoes with you, and there is no shame in that! Wear sneakers to work and change into your cute shoes. Especially if you're walking to work, there is no reason to have to put your ankles at risk when making your commute.

Heeled booties are one of my favorite heel options for work. They are great to style with my work clothes and hold my ankles while still giving me height. Who doesn't love how heels make our legs look? There is no talking me out of wearing heeled shoes to work. I love the way the look and how easily they complete my outfit.


Another reason having a bit of a heel is helpful is that flat shoes can cause pain in your feet and knees. Orthopedics Associates of West Jersey writes "some flat shoes lack any kind of support, which can lead to  of the tendons and ligaments along the bottom of the feet. This overstretching can eventually collapse the arch of your foot, which can impact your knees."

There are benefits of wearing light weight shoes as well. You're wearing your shoes all day long, so if they're over 2 lbs, you're carrying around that extra weight every step you take. Light weight shoes make you feel lighter and healthier. Heavy shoes can cause pains in the joints and lead to issues with balance and muscle strain.

We strongly feel that health comes first. You'll want to keep comfortability as a priority when it comes to your every day life. We've kept that in mind with our boot collection. VHNY booties offers sleek, light weight, ankle booties in three different heel heights. These boots are perfect for work or any business casual event. If you need to be dressed up, and will be on your feet during the day, we recommend VHNY ankle booties.

Fear not you fashion-loving, on your feet, hard working women. You have options.

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