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Best Heels you need for all occasions

I bought my first pair of high-heeled shoes in ninth grade. Before that, I always wore sneakers and sandals. I remember that the very inconspicuous pink small heel shoes in the mall were only about 3 or 4 cm high, with thick heels and some rhinestones. Now I think it's really ugly, but it's a pair of shoes that can be remembered by me all my life. After going to college, the first thing after having some free time is to find out Sex and the City and watch it again.

Every girl in this play is very beautiful and different, and their clothes are discussed again and again today. Carrie, the main character, is definitely the most stressed one, because she is the person who wears the clothes in the play. Her dream is to have a big wardrobe. Although it is difficult to use for reference most of the time, there is no doubt that no one can replace her shoes collection for so many years status.The most difficult thing for gangsters to rob her is shoes. They can't afford to buy a house because they bought shoes with money... Every shoe she wears is so hot that all the girls in New York want to have it. In the movie version, Mr Big proposed to her with Manolo Blahnik's blue satin square diamond high-heeled shoes, which have also become the wedding shoes that countless girls dream of.

So, today I want to talk about some high-heeled shoes that will definitely be needed in the shoe cabinet, The classic black that is least prone to mistakes can be mastered in any occasion. But too formal black heel shoes will inevitably be a little dull in the party. You can choose those with lace or other colors to increase the overall look of the shoes, which will make you more attractive.

Add a splash of color to your look with the VHNY Crystal Wrap Lace-Up Pointy Toe Pumps! Sleek suede shapes these pointed-toe pumps with eye-catching rhinestone embellishments on the vamp. Smooth suede shapes of these pointed-toe pumps with straps embellished with eye-catching rhinestones on the vamp. The metal adjustable buckle has a rhinestone design that shines like the Milky Way. These high heels will make your entrance noticed by all!


Because high-heeled shoes are the love of many women, they can not only make themselves taller and more beautiful, but also have a sense of confidence to show their charm, sexuality and femininity as women. Therefore, in addition to color, they should work hard on every detail!



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