Bright red boots that will be remembered at a glance

Bright red boots that will be remembered at a glance

With the New Year approaching, have you considered how you will dress for the occasion? Do you intend to wear a festive pair of boots? Vhny deep cherry red crocodile skin is an option. When they see crocodile skin, many people wonder how it is made. I'd like to take this opportunity to explain how crocodile skin is created.

Crocodile skin shape is long and narrow, with a complex natural texture that is deep staggered. The surface is dense and granular, with hard scales covering it. Because of the environment and habits, different crocodile leather protein fibers will be different. This is one of the reasons crocodile leather can vary in color.

As a result, it is extremely difficult to create a crocodile skin with no color variation. Even if you want the color difference to be very small, you must also complete crocodile skin technology after at least ten or twenty years of production experience. We can conclude from this that the production of crocodile skin is a process with extremely high requirements, and that there are five important processes involved in the production of crocodile skin. Descaling, descaling, tanning, dyeing, and finishing are all part of the process.


Crocodile skin body is long and narrow, with thick hard scales that are especially fine and close. The abdomen differs from the dorsal and side parts of the body in terms of organizational structure. The abdominal scales are mostly square, relatively flat, soft, and white, and the dorsal part is mostly raised as large as the broad bean scales, with a lot of pigment on the scales and hard bones for support. Because the value of crocodile skin back and belly leather varies, the back and belly from the side of the body are frequently separated, depending on different requirements for some special treatment.


The grain area of crocodile skin contains a significant amount of pigment. If it is not removed, it will interfere with the dyeing process and, ultimately, the quality of the leather. There are numerous methods for removing pigment, and professionals divide them into two categories: oxidation and reduction.


The tanning process is a critical step in the tanning process. The physical and chemical properties, as well as the uses of leather, are determined by the tanning process. Tanning is the process of removing all of the fat, moisture, salt, and impurities from the crocodile skin so that it can be preserved, as well as making the leather moderately expanded, soft and hard, and easy to shape.

Retanned, fatted and dyed

The skin becomes dry and dull after the pigment fat is removed from it. To achieve the same thickness and color, craftsmen open their fiber channels to allow color and wax to permeate evenly, resulting in deeply colored leather that is firm, soft, and natural.

Finish or polish

It is more suitable for polishing treatment due to the protrusion of the crocodile skin grain surface and the skeleton as support. Finally, three-dimensional strong crocodile leather appeared in front of us after repeated polishing treatments with chemical materials.

 Of course, the majority of today's crocodile skin is intended to protect animals, and the majority of it is not genuine crocodile skin. Do you want to own a pair of crocodile boots after reading the introduction to crocodile skin? If you can't decide which Crocodile Boots to get, VHNY's Red Crocodile Pointed Toe Ankle Boots Scarlet are a good option.

Its 1-inch flat heels allow you to wear it both during the day and at night on Christmas. Ankle boots are designed to sit just above the ankle for maximum comfort, and the bright red reptile print is sure to turn heads. A separate zipper closure is located on the inside of the boot for easy sliding on and off, allowing you to quickly and easily remove your shoes and get into bed after a long day.

Red is also a great color to wear on New Year's Eve, but don't feel bad about it because it's a jumping color. Its stylish and simple shape makes it suitable for any type of clothing.

If you don't already have a pair of ankle boots that fit you well, try alligator leather. It's a classic, durable style that will make you feel special. Of course, if you don't like this pair of boots, you may want to go to the vhny website to have a look, there are many styles, and are very comfortable and versatile.


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