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Click your heels three times, and you’ll be anywhere but home

FREESIA Nappa Leather



Heels have been an essential item in every IT GIRL’S closet for as long as you can remember. Just like almost every little girl I too, would slip on my moms heels and prance around like the fairest of them all. 

Growing up being a fan of Carrie Bradshaw in “Sex in the city” I thought every heel would be comfortable. I would be able to click clack around New York for brunch during the day and a night on the town with my girls sipping Cosmos.


Wearing heels at least for me can be completely challenging whether it’s comfortability, mobility or just simply not having the ankles to bare it. Luckily VHNY has covered with our new FRESSIA Nappa Leather Heels 


The Freesia Nappa Leather Heels are definitely your everyday shoe.

From the style, color and comfortability these shoes can easily go from day-to-night. No need to carry around the extra pair of flats in your bag either because you just might forget that you even have on heels. The  soft ankle strap gives you the support you need, if you’re like me and need some assistance. Luckily the arch isn’t enough to make you feel like your walking in Louboutin’s so that’s a plus! While the concept of heels maybe old school VHNY makes it modern yet classic. So if you’re tired of healing from the crippling pain of those stilettos, try VHNY Fressia Nappa Leather heels and put some PEP IN YOUR STEP! 


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