Do you want to travel in snow-white boots

Do you want to travel in snow-white boots

Do you want to spend the New Year somewhere else with your friends? Examine a city you've never visited before. If you want to have a comfortable trip, you should choose a pair of boots that are both comfortable and versatile. Do you want to wear a pair of comfortable and nice boots when traveling with friends? Check out these vhny Snow White boots, which are not only the same color as snow but also stylish.

The ankle boot is a relatively simple style among many boots, with no particularly complex design. The length of the boots should be just above the ankle, as ankle boots with a low or flat heel will be more comfortable and durable. Vhny's boots fit the bill. It employs the most basic white ankle boots with pointed toes, which is both fashionable and advanced. Crocodile skin is also used to make the boots more durable and sophisticated.

What is crocodile skin

Crocodile skin is the gold standard of leather, valued for its luxury and scarcity. This is due not only to the scarcity of crocodiles, but also to the fact that they grow slowly and are expensive to farm, and the skin available is limited to the long, narrow part of the belly. The natural gradual chequered pattern of crocodile skin adds to its beauty. Despite its lack of elasticity, it has a very strong texture. It is said that crocodile skin leather will become more shiny and flexible if properly cared for.

The reason for the honor of crocodile skin


Crocodile skin is extremely rare and valuable all over the world. Due to picky breeding conditions and complex breeding technology, it is impossible to breed and produce in large quantities like cow skin as a rare, precious, and special species, and its output is extremely small.

New as ever

Crocodile skin is the king of leather, and it is unquestionably affordable. Unlike cowhide, crocodile leather has one of the most notable characteristics: its luster will not fade with the passage of time, and the longer it is used, the more it can reveal its own natural luster, so no matter how long it is used, it is still fresh.

Making leather is very difficult

There are only about 50 people in the world who have perfected the process of making crocodile skin. The complexity of its technology is difficult for us to comprehend. Unlike cowhide, the entire surface is flat and uniform, and the processing requirements are not as stringent. Because of the characteristics of crocodile skin, each stage from early to middle to late requires a set of perfect technologies, which are both independent and interconnected. Because no crocodile skin ever has the same pattern or goes through the same production process, each piece of crocodile leather is unique. The global leather industry has always struggled with the advancement of crocodile leather manufacturing technology.

The advantages of crocodile skin

Crocodile skin has a distinct advantage over other types of leather in that it requires no maintenance and gets brighter with use. It differs from other leather products because each one has a distinct feel. The texture, light level, and texture of each crocodile skin product vary. Crocodile skin has a long lifespan. The more you use it, the brighter it will become. These are the reasons why crocodile skin is still a popular luxury item.

Crocodile skin is a valuable type of skin, but it is now widely used. Such precious leather, if you use it made of products, must pay attention to its maintenance; next, let me introduce to you how to maintain crocodile skin products.

How to clean/care for crocodile skin

Do not polish with shoe polish or wax; instead, gently wipe with URAD or another professional leather treatment, allowing the sponge to carry dirt deep into the pores; lanolin and palm tree juice ingredients provide additional protection. Crocodile skin's lost flexibility is restored, and moisture is added to keep it from drying out.

To maintain crocodile skin, avoid using chemical solvents, alcohol, or ordinary leather maintenance solutions, as these are harmful to it and will destroy the surface of the protein luster, causing fading. Crocodile skin is easy to clean; simply wipe with a soft cloth. Death sun blowing, rain can only be cleaned with a soft dry cloth, wipe the need along the scale direction. Place the vacuum liner in the shoes. Otherwise, stacking and shelving for an extended period of time will cause the shoes to become out of shape. A dust bag is required.

If your crocodile gets dirt on its skin, it will deal with it in its own way. If there is any drink on the leather, blot it immediately with a clean cloth or sponge, wipe it with a damp cloth, and let it dry naturally if rain damp or mildew occurs. Do not use a blower to dry it; if stained with grease, use a dry cloth to wipe clean, the rest of the natural dissipation, or detergent cleaning, but also available talcum powder and chalk ash to reduce, do not scrub with water. Because water can harden and dull the derma, gasoline can make the derma oil volatile.

You should take good care of your crocodile boots if you own them. As time passes, it will appear better and better. Consider these white, pointy alligator ankle boots from VHNY if you don't already have a pair. It is certain to meet your crocodile skin expectations, and its comfortable wearing sense is certain to please you.


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