Don't miss the blue ankle boots

Don't miss the blue ankle boots

Winter is closing in on us. How can we come home from work every day if there is no delicious food to help us recover from the day's hard work? Would you like a comfortable pair of shoes to accompany you on a gourmet street to relieve the fatigue of the day?

These blue ankle boots with one-inch heels keep you comfortable while also giving you confidence in your height. The boots are comfortable to wear because they are just above the ankle. Its shape is popular and can be worn with a wide range of clothing styles; it can be worn anywhere. A concealed zipper closure on the side of the boot makes dressing and undressing easier.

Before purchasing this pair of shoes, you will undoubtedly want to learn more about them. In addition to understanding the shoe type, the fabric used in the shoes is extremely important. Let's start with the fabric of this pair of shoes.

Suede is a soft, fibrous cowhide back. We use premium suede with a fine grain finish and a full fiber structure. Suede leather with a fine grain surface and a strong fiber structure. Suede's shape and strength have remained consistent over time, and the shoes have become more comfortable and durable. Suede, which is famous for its outstanding texture and elegant appearance, has become the main reference material for many business, fashion, and leisure shoes, and with the continuous rise in praise, as well as the outstanding cost performance, has gradually occupied a large share of the shoe market, and is the 21st century in all kinds of high-quality shoes, the best representative of luxury and luxury. So how do we clean suede?

There are several ways to clean suede, including purchasing a suede-specific brush from a shoe store. Using an eraser, remove scratches or stains from leather shoes. Then, brush the shoes in a single direction to remove the stain. Finally, place the shoes in a well-ventilated area to dry. You can use silicone spray to waterproof suede shoes as soon as you get them and every other year.

You can also use white vinegar to easily clean your shoes. To begin, remove the prepared watering can and unscrew the lid. Next, take out the dish soap and pour the appropriate amount into the unscrewed watering can. Then, take out the white vinegar and pour the appropriate amount into the watering can. Screw the lid on and shake it a few times to combine everything. Spray the solution from the watering can onto the suede leather shoes' surface. Take out the rag and carefully wipe the surface of the suede leather shoes, and the cleaning and maintenance of the suede leather shoes is finished.

Suede cleaning water is used to clean suede and remove suede stains. To prevent oil extravasation, dry the inside first and then the outside after cleaning. Brush with copper wire fleece; keep in mind that copper wire fleece should only be used on long fur leather. A colorless suede brightening agent is used to restore and enhance the color of the upper. To waterproof, the most important thing to remember is to use an oily waterproof agent.


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