Don't you want a pair of warm fuzzy slippers on a cold winter's day?

Don't you want a pair of warm fuzzy slippers on a cold winter's day?

People prefer furry things in the cold winter because they believe it will keep them warm. Who doesn't want a warm nest at home and a pair of fluffy slippers?

Of course, many people will find cleaning plush products difficult. I'll show you how to clean plush slippers in this article. If the upper has a small stain, you can clean it with a spray or a soft brush. If the stain area is too large, you can clean it in two ways.

How to clean faux fur slippers?

White vinegar cleaning

Winter plush slippers should be cleaned with white vinegar. First, mix the laundry liquid and white vinegar into the water, then add the plush slippers. Laundry liquid can clean stains, and white vinegar can eliminate bacteria in the slippers. After cleaning, rinse with water several times.

Brine soaking

Winter plush slippers can be cleaned with salt water soaking. Soak for 10 minutes, until the stains on the slippers gradually dissolve in water, and then clean with a shoe brush.

Of course, there is a lot of attention to plush slippers; the following will introduce the attention to plush slipper cleaning. Winter plush slippers should be rinsed with water after cleaning to avoid detergent residue resulting in hard vamp, affecting wearing comfort. Additionally, winter plush slippers should be placed in the sun frequently to air, which can keep the plush slippers fluffy. And because the sole of plush slippers is made of EVA material, it will shrink after a long period of heat. Autumn and winter slippers do not need to be washed frequently, only 1-2 times in a winter.

vhny's domiciliary minimalistic FAUX FUR slippers

Check out vhny's domiciliary minimalistic FAUX FUR slippers — BLACK if you want a pair of simple and comfortable plush slippers.Black is not only simple and atmospheric, but it is also very dirty. If you don't want to clean your slippers in the winter, this is the color to go for. And you can wear it occasionally if you want. To allow you to wear it safely, the bottom of the slippers is made of eva material, which is not only non-slip but also dust-resistant.

If you don't like the black one, you might like the white one. Although white is smudge-prone and may require more time to clean, it goes with everything and makes you appear gentle. Its bottom is also made of eva material, so your feet won't slip when you go out, and it's simple to clean the bottom of your shoes. 

If you are an environmentalist, you will feel that it is not desirable to harm the animal in order to obtain the comfortable fur, and you will be unwilling to purchase these slippers. You don't have to be concerned because vhny's plush slippers are made of faux fur. Of course, if you're unfamiliar with the term "artificial leather," we can explain it here.

vhny's black and white interwoven collection



The design includes interwoven twin straps and a pop of bright white.  The pattern is composed of faux fur and is quite tactile, in line with the theme of environmental conservation.  If you wish to wear it outside, pair it with socks and a skirt or trouser suit to make your legs appear smaller and to give off a casual yet sophisticated appeal.  The flat heel lets you to use it for a long walk without tiring.



These shoes are interlaced in black and white, which adds a fun touch to what would otherwise be a boring slipper and makes them more appropriate for wearing outside. A long, relaxed coat or skirt with fuzzy slippers is relaxed and lazy. Overall, the wide casual shape provides a very comfortable feeling. Plush slippers will become your best choice when out on the street as long as you have the heart to wear them, as they can bring you the most comfortable wearing sense.

If neither of these black and white slippers appeal to you, consider this pair of fuzzy slippers. It adds a black and white interweaving design to the original basic two-stripe design, turning ordinary slippers into something special. This simple design also allows shoes that would otherwise be boring to be worn with anything interesting.

Vhny's final slipper design is a wraparound slipper that can be worn outside without getting cold, and its shoe shape makes it an extremely wearable slipper. You also don't have to worry about standing out when you're out. It's ideal for those who have never worn slippers before but want to give them a try. 

It is an early and always popular type of material that is widely used to make a variety of leather products or parts of leather. Its increasingly sophisticated manufacturing technology is widely used in the processing of two layers of leather. Today, on the market, very similar leather characteristics of synthetic leather have been produced; its surface process is extremely base material fiber tissue, almost achieving the effect of leather.

I believe that vhny so many styles and slippers must have a style that you will like, whether you simply want a pair of comfortable slippers at home, or a pair of outside that can also be matched with a very interesting suit. They can be found on vhny's website.


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