Get a pair of sandals for your summer

Get a pair of sandals for your summer

The cold winter has quietly left, the weather began to warm up gradually. As beauty-loving girls get ready for the upcoming summer season, what are some tips for sandals as a must-have for summer? How to match can become the focus of the crowd? If you don't already know, check out this article.
The "Jeans + flats" technique

Bare ankle, clean and crisp

What are you afraid of wearing clothes in summer? The heat, of course. For the "jeans and flat shoes" collocation, exposing the ankle, can play a certain cooling effect, but also can look more clean and crisp.

There are many ways to show your ankle. Choose a pair of nine-point jeans, or a cupped leg, or slits to achieve the same goal in varying degrees. This way of wearing will not pressure height, very suitable for small girls.

Cover the feet and make them taller and longer

The opposite of "showing your ankles" is "covering your feet." This way is extremely long and high legs, and very stylish, very chic and stylish. Opt for long, wide-leg jeans that cover your feet in a casual fashion, or floor length trousers with platform shoes for a more slay look. However, it is not recommended for small girls to try this length of jeans. It will look cumbersome to a certain extent, and in severe cases will pull down their height.

Shoes influence style

Jeans as a plastic single product, its style is very changeable, at this time, the choice of shoes will affect the style of the whole body. If you choose sports shoes, it is full of leisure; If you choose canvas shoes, youth has vitality; If you choose a single shoe, gentle and intellectual; If you choose sandals, they are fresh and moving. Choose shoes that better match your jeans, depending on your preference or style of dress.

How to pair jeans with sandals

Sandals + flared jeans

Long, flared jeans shape the hips and thighs, are tight and sexy, and the flared part covers the calf muscles, making them look stylish. Sandals, tall, have a kind of fair lady feeling. The upper body chooses a white vest collocation, exposing a small waist, the brown belt on the waist, the whole shape is very attractive.

Sandals + Jean shorts

Denim shorts, with their ripped design, are a bit of an adolescent rebel. Pair them with sandals to show off nice, long, straight legs. Top with an oversized T-shirt, ruffled design, coupled with hollow design, appears more loose, more cool, easily take you to play "missing bottom".

Sandals + denim ripped pants

Denim ripped trousers, with a nine-point length, show off the ankle and pair the sandals well. Add a colorful striped T-shirt to the top to create a colorful look. The brown shoulder bag on the shoulder also looks very stylish. If you don't like colorful fairies, you can simply choose a solid color item and pair it with jeans.

Sandals + denim wide-leg pants

Blue jeans, the version of the wide-leg pants, the fringed design of the pant leg, the smooth feeling of the line has become stronger. The top is matched with the same color vest. The design of the vest is also an eye-opener for Xiaobian. It has a sense of design. Sandals made my feet look more summery. Carry a brown bag to add color.

Sandals + denim overalls

Extremely age - reducing effect of cowboy suspenders, pant leg hem to wear, appear more stylish. Inside a white one-shoulder T-shirt, wavy ruffle design, looks both sexy and refreshing. Sandals add a cool touch to the mix. Straddle a white bag on the shoulder, looks very pure, very girlish heart.

VHNY's green flat sandals

The process of learning to wear and match is the same as the process of practicing Chinese characters when we were children. At the beginning of practicing Chinese characters, we copy fonts on the postings. Gradually, we practice Chinese characters from copying to blank paper. Wearing is also a process, from imitating the blogger's wearing, to perfect into their own wearing step by step, is a process. After looking at the above ways to dress, don't you want to give it a try?

If you haven't decided what sandals to wear this summer, take a look at these green flat sandals from vhny. Vhny boldly experimented with the green color scheme, which not only gave the shoes a refreshing look this summer, but also added a touch of sparkle to the shoes.

These flat green sandals are perfect for summer.  Whether it is for daily wearing, or vacation is very suitable.  A certain height heel perfectly flatters your figure, soft leather straps around your feet, and an adjustable metal buckle make these flat green sandals the first choice for casual summer wear, and the gentle sole is perfect for outdoor activities.


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