Good news for the fat-footed girl

Good news for the fat-footed girl

Crazy shoe buying has always been the exclusive of boys, boys like to buy all kinds of basketball shoes, in fact, girls are the same, see the beautiful shoes can not help but want to buy home. Different styles of shoes with different clothes, the style is different, summer clothing styles are diverse, more need different styles of shoes to do collocation. The beauty of shoes has a lot to do with the shape of our feet, and how fat, thin and wide our feet are determines the final appearance of our shoes. So, how do we choose shoes to slim our feet in summer?

Spring and summer clothes become thin, shoes also with the change of the season to wear a little light style, shallow mouth single shoes is a relatively high rate of spring and summer, a foot style is not convenient to wear. And a variety of styles, high comfort, daily work, school can wear, shoes of light and breathable fabric, but not suitable for fat sisters to wear, flat single shoes fat sisters to wear, easy to squeeze out the meat on the instep, more ugly.

Point of selection

Fat feet want to wear high heels, comfortable and beautiful, please refer to the following three points:

Point 1: Chunky heels

Fat feet of girls foot force area is large, so the heel must choose thick heel to withstand, more comfortable. And more sure-footed. With the development of fashion trend, many big brands have abandoned the sexy skinny heels and paid more attention to comfort. Finally no longer suffering from the pain of tiny heels, finally able to stride in high heels, fast. Thick heels can bring a strong sense of security, smooth lines are concise and neat, if you have to say that a woman on high heels is sexy, then in the face of a temperament free and easy, striding on the road girl, it is not only sexy, but also a little more heroic! Vintage chunky heels are a great choice for fat feet.

Thick heels of medium height create a visual shift and create a harmonious, balanced feeling with fat feet. This is the key to how well the shoe looks as a whole. Coordination is important.

In addition, thick heel shoes to walk comfortable, generally fat feet will not be very thin, thick heel shoes because of the overall coordination, it can elongate the length of the modification effect. Tiny heels can make you look a little top-heavy.

Point 2: Wide lines

Women with fat feet choose high heels to make their feet look slimmer. Wear pointy toes or fish mouths. High heels with a round toe can make your feet rounder. Choose carefully. Whether it's a shoe, or another type of sandal, try to choose a wide line! A wide line will cover the foot more from the top or sides of the foot, which will help shape the foot. One is to make the overall shape of the foot look more elegant; Second, the foot can wear steady shoes, not fall off the heel. Square toe, fashion shows age, broad crossed satin V-shaped, heel heel naked thin lines, very design sense, very chic and thin, wear skirt can be a good foil elegant atmosphere. One-button shoes of varying widths, covering the feet to varying degrees, nude and moderately exposed instep, can better elongate the calf visually. It's also a good choice for summer.

Point 3: Shoelaces

Strappy sandals have taken the fashion world by storm this summer, but many women with fat feet are afraid to try them. In fact, women with fat feet can wear strappy heels and avoid the strappy design style. This kind of high-heeled shoes with a decorative line belt more has the effect of covering flesh and showing thin, with a sense of design more fashionable, as a highlight of the whole body modeling is very appropriate.

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