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Heel Height Matters

You might be like me in thinking: some outfits just look better with heels. When I'm dressing in dressy clothes, heels are my only option. I enjoy wearing them when I'm out having fun, and I love how they make business attire look. Whether it's for activities or work, it's good to keep in mind your heel height, however. Too high, and you'll be regretting it halfway through your day.

VHNY has you in mind. We understand the need for versatility. That's why we've created our new heels in two different heel heights—a higher heel sitting at 3.5 inches and a low heel at 2.5 inches. For casual wear, the kitten heels are my personal favorite. They fit comfortably and give you a nice boost in height without killing your feet. For special occasions or even, if you prefer higher heels, the pumps have been made with quality materials and hold your foot well in the shoe. This makes them super comfortable and also super sexy.
For work, a kitten heel is a fantastic option. Short heels are the way for events where you need to walk, or even if your date is a bit shorter! They provide some height while elongating the leg. VHNY carries each style of heels in this kitten heel height at 2.5 inches in both the double strap and the ruched toe detail. Short heels are an excellent match for a less dressy outfit. Long summer dresses and even nice shorts pair nicely with this shorter heel compared to a pump heel.
High heels fit better when the dress is long and when you need space to keep the dress off the floor. High heels exude confidence. They push you to stand up straight and tighten your muscles to maintain balance. This makes the silhouette of the body look its best. And we all want to look our best. VHNY carries all colors in the high heel option. Your summer outfits just got sexier.

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