Prepare a pair of heels for spring

Prepare a pair of heels for spring

As time goes by, the cold winter will pass and the warm season will come. In the warm season, girls who love beauty always wear beautiful high heels to go out. But do you really pick heels? Do you really know how to put it together? Here, let me introduce you to how to choose the beautiful and suitable heels for you, as well as several ways to wear high heels.

How to choose heeled sandals

When choosing a high-heeled sandal, the heel is the most important part of the selection. Don't look at the difference between thick and thin heels, wear out the effect, style is completely different. The first is the stiletto sandals, detailed heels can not only show their own charm, but also increase the sexy style of the model, but also more elegant and generous atmosphere, is the most suitable for women in the workplace. But stiletto sandals wear very tired feet, comfort is not strong, especially for the first time trying to wear high heels is very unfriendly, not recommended to wear for a long time.

How to match high heels

Dress + Sandals

The suspender dress with thin shoulder strap is quite refreshing. The pinstripe element will play the role of elongating the body line, and the design of waist narrowing will also assist the pinstripe to visually shrink the waist. Pair it with black stiletto sandals for an intellectual and elegant milf look.

In this combination, the color and elements of the modeling can not be too eye-catching, simple black and white matching will often give you unexpected effects. However, if the look is really monotonous, you can choose one or two accessories as embellishment.

Skirt + sandals

In addition to dresses, half skirts are also a good partner for sandals, but with half skirts to match their own fashion control ability. "Floral skirt + sandals" can be said to be the most gentle feeling of late summer wear, choose a crisp white shirt, with floral skirt + sandals, the elegant intellectual career women. If you want to make the style of temperament a little stronger, you can also carry a bag, elegant and delicate.

But if you want to take it a step further, you can pair it with a blazer and it will be just what you want. It not only makes the style more formal, but also won't lose the small elegant style of half skirt and sandals, so that you can wear A and eager workplace look in minutes.

Cropped pants + sandals

However, for those women who don't feel comfortable commuting in a skirt, they can opt for a pair of cropped trousers and sandals. Unlike floor-length trousers and maxi dresses, they are more formal and crisp, and don't look sloppy with sandals. Opt for a black polka-dot shirt with white nine-point straight pants and stiletto sandals for a very fresh age-reduction look, even if it's an everyday wear.

In recent years, the style of "minimalism" is very popular. Simple style always gives people a full sense of high class. When it comes to creating a simple look, you don't need to worry too much about styling elements and design. A white wrap shirt and nine-point jeans will do the trick. In addition, it is fashionable and temperament with pointy heel sandals.

What do you need to pay attention to when choosing high heels?

Now that you know how to pick and match high heels, do you want to pick a pair that suits you? In addition to shoe size when choosing high heels, there are also a lot of places to pay attention to, do you understand?

The choice of shoe smoothness

When buying shoes on the table, gently push, if the shoes wobble too much, suggest sisters do not buy. Imagine how a pair of shoes that can't stand on their own can support a person's weight, let alone put them on.

The choice of upper and sole

The first time to choose high heels, the best choice of material quality is good, because good quality leather elasticity, can avoid foot for a long time by squeezing, such as soft sheepskin, so that the foot is not so easy to hurt, and can quickly adapt to high heels. Another important thing is to pay attention to the hardness of the soles, the soles of high heels must have a certain degree of softness.

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