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Styling Ankle Boots

Croc leather booties are in style, as well as patent leather boots. You can see them on celebrities on the streets, in magazines, and social media. What I love about these boots is how perfectly they tie together an outfit. So how do you style these boots? Ultimately, the choice is yours. Style is a personal reflection of fashion. But if you're looking for our recommendations for these cute shoes, keep reading.
 First, let's dress up these booties. I love going out; to dinners, movies, dancing, and any other opportunity to dress up and have fun. Why do I choose the ankle booties for these outfits? I love a strappy heel, but if I'm walking around and staying on my feet, I want something comfortable because we don't walk barefoot in the streets anymore, ladies. You'll want a shoe you can commit to all night long.

When I'm going out, I usually wear a dress or skirt, and to keep my outfit practical, I wear ankle booties. So here's our first recommendation: booties with skirts and heels. This option is great for long evenings, where you'll be on your feet for hours.

The next option is style with jeans and accessories. Style your booties with a loosely fitted shirt, boyfriend, or skinny jeans, and have fun with the accessories like a hat and lots of jewelry. This look is a stylized western look that is growing in popularity. Have you paired a couple of oversized band tees with biker shorts last year? Pair booties with that look as well. Or take it more casual and lay off the accessories. Booties pair very nicely with jeans and a sweater or comfortable top.


I loved looking at the New York Fashion Week street style looks. Many looks had something in common, and you guessed it, booties! Think jumpsuits, flowing skirts, and maxi dresses with jackets. Look up NYFW booties style for inspiration for these exciting looks.


Ankle booties have a beautiful way of pulling the outfit together. Glossy leather booties are great for going out and tying together different textures and prints in your outfit. You can use color for an eye-catching touch to your outfit, black for a classic and elegant look, and white to keep with the trends.
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