How to wear ankle boots correctly

How to wear ankle boots correctly

Ankle boots are a versatile and stylish addition to any wardrobe. They are a type of footwear that covers the foot and ankle, typically ending just above the ankle bone. Ankle boots can be worn with a wide range of outfits, from casual to dressy, and they are available in a variety of styles, colors, and materials. Whether you prefer classic leather ankle boots or trendy suede ones, there is an ankle boot out there to suit your personal style. In this article, we will explore some tips on how to wear ankle boots to look chic and stylish.

A woman's nature is to love beauty, and wearing good clothing will help you become more beautiful.  Boots are the most popular fashion item because they can be worn with a variety of clothing styles and are loved by many fashionistas.  Choosing a pair of boots that are appropriate for you this winter may be a wise decision. After you've picked out the ankle boots that look good on you, do you know what looks best with them? Are there any tips for matching?

How to wear ankle boots

Look for the right heel, not the wrong heel

When it comes to creating a pair of boots, many people like to use high heels to enhance the height of the pair. But the truth is, not every outfit ideas are suitable for high-heeled boots. If you do not choose the root of the boot design, blindly use high-heeled boots to match, it is likely to appear wrong. In addition, high-heeled boots can reduce the comfort of wearing them, which can make the wearer feel that the gain is not worth the loss.

In fact, many flat boots also have a certain height effect, you can use skirt and pantyhose to match flat boots, accentuating the leg line advantage. This can not only wear the effect of high and thin, but also use flat boots to enhance the sense of aura and avoid tired feet. As long as the design of flat boots does not appear too exaggerated, there will be no matching mistakes.

Choose the right bottoms, not dresses

To this day, there is debate over whether boots look good with skirts or trousers. And the continuous view is, no matter what kind of collocation of clothes, as long as the coordination is easy to wear a sense of advanced. Ankle booties can look elegant with a skirt, but if you're going to use boots for the outfit, you'll be better off swapping the skirt for trousers.

Indiscriminate use of skirts not only makes it difficult to show the advanced sense of boots, but also may lead to a sense of mismatching. When paired with knight boots or boots, wear long trousers to bring out the design of the boots and improve the details with slim trousers. When matching boots need to learn skirt and trouser suit these two different wear ideas.

Winter to learn to cover meat, not deliberately exposed legs

Some women with more slender legs will use skirts or shorts to show off their legs when wearing boots. But this combination may not be able to wear a sense of advanced, and may even lead to wear out of season, and may even appear in the situation of soil.

If you don't know how to create a thigh-showing boot, try straight trousers with a slim fit or a cropped skirt with ankle boots. This combination can not only easily wear a sense of fashion, but also to avoid the shortcomings of the thigh exposed. In contrast, with long bottoms to highlight the advantage of the legs will appear more natural, even wearing a small white can also easily handle such a collocation.

How to choose ankle boots for your outfit

The short boot gives it a crisp look because the length of the upper shoe is lower than the length of the knee boot. The short boot is not easy to show the curves of the legs because of the upper shoe. Every woman can make herself look taller and leaner by showing the slimmest part of the ankle.

When choosing ankle boots, we should first pay attention to the size of the opening of the shoe. Those who wear ankle boots less effective are likely to be because the opening of the shoe is too large to make people appear more procrastatory.The choice between a flat or a heel is a matter of personal preference.

Ankle boot matching tips

Loose pant legs, stuffed ankle boots

In order to keep warm in the winter, most of the pantsuits chosen are loose and used to fold thick leggings. However, the looser the legs, the more likely they are to appear bloated. In order to reduce the feeling of bloat, lo Jiang recommends that people wear them by "stuffing ankle boots".

The loose pant leg is tucked into the boot of the ankle boot, creating a "upper panasonic tight" contrast, will strengthen the three-dimensional sense of the pant leg. Not only played a thin, thin leg effect, but also weakened the trouser leg of the pendant, the feeling of expansion, is very thin.

If you have thick calves or thick ankles, you are recommended to choose ankle boots slightly loose, and loose pant legs can still form "width" contrast, play a thin leg effect. And the sisters with slender ankles, try to get some ankle boots with strong wrapping; Tighten the ankle, with the "loose pants leg plug ankle boots" wear method, will focus people's attention on the ankle, showing the thin leg effect will be more obvious.

How do ankle boots match outfits

Wear long pants and show vamps

In recent years, the heat of mopping trousers continues to increase, but many sisters dare not start because of its too long length. In fact, you only need to pay attention to the "height" and "length" of the ankle boots and vamp, and long trousers can also become a "height" weapon.

Compared with the source round head, the vamp of the pointed ankle boots will be longer, and the wearing method of "exposing the vamp" with the floor long pants can achieve the effect of extending the leg line visually, and the height is not a word. Like with 3~5 cm low heel or about 7 cm pointy ankle boots, as the best choice, with mopping trousers will be higher roots hidden, can play an "invisible increase" effect.

In addition, high waist design and short top are necessary for height. Using the length of "high waist + mopping", maximize the proportion of the lower body, and the combination of pointed ankle boots to create the visual sense of "exposing the upper", not afraid to wear a high effect.

When matching the top, we can use the way of "jacket waistband", or directly choose "crop style" top; Create a short upper and long lower contrast, shorten the upper body proportion, can show both height and leg length, no matter the height is very suitable!

Pair ankle boots with jeans

The most commonly worn pants in autumn and winter are still very common jeans throughout the year. According to the different fat and thin jeans, the thickness of a single item can be adjusted freely. Moreover, the styles and versions of jeans are very diverse, so it is not a problem to create a style naturally. The shoes often worn in autumn and winter are ankle boots. The tolerance of ankle boots to the figure is very high, and the foundation is very high.
If you think the combination is going to be tacky and monotonous, you're wrong, either because you're wearing the wrong outfit or because the style doesn't fit. In short, "jeans + ankle boots" such a combination is sure to go wrong, both in terms of comfort and beauty are impeccable.

Pair skinny jeans with ankle boots

Jeans can also be a must-have item for the office commute. While many consider jeans to be less formal than suit pants, they add flavor when worn with ankle boots. Jeans are a single product that has a certain sense of leisure. If you want to use them to create a sense of work, you must be careful in the choice of other matching items.
Tight-fitting pants are a version of the jeans we often wear in our daily lives. This style is more suitable for ankle boots and visually gives a sense of leg extension. The problem with leggings, however, is that they are more demanding on the body, making them more suitable for women with slim legs.

Pair wide-leg pants with ankle boots

By pairing ankle boots with wide-leg pants, you can hide an imperfect leg shape under a loose pant leg and mask any body flaws. In addition, wide-leg pants with ankle boots also form a sharp contrast on the version, so as not to let the overall wearing visual effect seems to drag, this way of wearing for small girls, friendly max!
Wide on the bottom narrow wear mode focuses on the choice of boots, the best use of high ankle wrapping degree of boots to highlight thin lines. In addition, if a small girl wants to achieve a taller effect, you can also use low heel boots to match.

Dress with ankle boots

When it comes to the single item a woman can't part with, the variety of dresses must have a name. Skirt unique elegance and temperament sense can add a lot of points for a woman's temperament, and this year the fire of a way to wear, with skirt and wear booties combination, can not only create a senior elegant charm, but also wear a woman, to ensure that you beautiful very senior.

Of course, if you like a better sense of temperament, it is recommended that you start with naked boots, naked boots vamp design is also relatively low, can emphasize the style of the skirt. Choosing a more stylish style when matching can not only reduce the monotony of naked boots, but also make your outfit look more stylish and interesting.

Wear long skirts and show your calves

Skirts can be said to be the most women can not part with the item, summer single wear fresh and charming, while winter folded leg artifact, can let you look beautiful for another season.

The most popular dresses in winter are long skirts above the ankle. In order to avoid the embarrassment of "pressure", it is recommended that you choose a long skirt just above the calf length and ankle boots.

This method can expose a section of the calf, so that the skirt and ankle boots between the appropriate "white space", not only weaken the drape of the skirt, but also prolong the lower limb line, high effect up! For a taller look, try pairing a matching skirt with ankle boots.

With the "calf" wear method, bare part of the skin, not only can appear harmonious and unified, but also can use the "same color" lengthening the body shape, in the show tall, but also can let you get a sense of senior.

Wear a short skirt with high heels

Compared to maxi skirts, short skirts are more delicate and compact, and can be worn either tall or short. But in the choice of ankle boots with it, we should pay attention to choose as far as possible high heels or 3~5 cm low heels; If you wear flat ankle boots with a short skirt, you won't lose weight, but you won't be able to look tall.

And with a low heel or high heel design of ankle boots, can be directly pulled high altitude, with the length of the skirt, the effect of extending the leg line will be more obvious. But the short skirt "exposed" area is large, in order to maintain the temperature, can be matched with "calf length above" long coat, will be a large area of the body wrapped, to ensure the temperature can play a high effect.

Pair socks with ankle boots

Matching light socks, such as lake blue, white, off-white, will give a person fresh, vivid, fresh and pleasant feeling. Paired with yellow socks, they give a light, hopeful and energetic look.

If you don't feel comfortable wearing a pair of Leggings, you can always opt for mid-tube socks, which are practical and warm. Match in the wide leg pants can be completely hidden, wear more youthful breath, but the leg type is not good girls must be careful to choose.

Dark socks, slightly exposed not too much, give people a sense of fashion, especially black, gray, brown socks, easy to match ankle boots × socks, for beginners is also recommended color.

How to wear ankle boots with cropped straight leg jeans

with everything in your closet, for casual and fancy outings alike. They work well paired with everything from suits to miniskirts, but denim looks especially chic. And there are endless combinations for how to wear jeans with ankle boots. Whether you're thinking of how to wear ankle boots with straight leg jeans or with their wide leg counterpart, the styling advice is pretty flexible

Pair tights or leggings with ankle boots

In fact, the collocation of leggings and ankle boots can be completely matched with a long skirt, in the dull winter to add a bit of smart and romantic, elegant and feminine. Long skirts with leggings are also warm enough to be worn in a warm and pinched way, and the layer between the hemline and leggings makes the look look more advanced.

It should be noted that the length of the hemline should not be too long, which will completely hide the leggings without a sense of fashion; Second, for small people too long skirt is easy to appear drag "pressure". It is recommended to choose a length around the knee. Leaving a little space between the ankle boot and the ankle boot also helps with visual height.

Medium and long style jacket, cover buttocks and hips to modify the figure

It's no secret that leggings are the tight-fitting version and are picky about the leg line as well as the waist and hips. But in reality, few people will have such a perfect body, more or less will have such shortcomings, can be modified by collocation.

Legs that are not straight or tall enough can be corrected by pairing them with ankle boots, but what about the waist and hips? Cat sister suggests that girls with large hips and wide hips choose a mid-length blouse that directly covers their hips and hips to hide meat and show weight.

How to clean and maintain leather ankle boots

1. First, use a shoe brush to remove dust and dirt from your shoes. Boots can be cleaned by securing them in a shoe bucket with newspaper or a hard object.
2. Then pour dishwashing liquid onto the cloth and rub well. Remember not to pour directly onto the vamp, as discoloration may occur.
3. Dry with malleable emulsified shoe polish and wax.
4. Evenly apply a large area of bevel, avoid wiping a small area, otherwise there will be concerns about decolorization.
5. Then gently brush the upper with a shoe brush to carry the remaining oil to the boot so it can be maintained as well.
6. After comparison, wipe with a clean cloth, and the maintenance of the boots is complete.

Tips for cleaning and maintaining ankle boots

If the stain is more serious, you can use a sponge brush, wet the soft side of the sponge with water, coated with toothpaste, friction out of rich foam, along the lines of the shoe fluff repeatedly wipe.

Mix alcohol and water in a 1:1 ratio and wipe the upper with a soft cloth dipped in alcohol water. Then set the hair dryer to a cool low speed and dry the boots. Apply a layer of hand cream to the upper of your shoes and rub them in with a soft cloth to make them clean as new. Hand cream can also be replaced with other expired skin care products.

Care suede and frosted ankle boots

Soft brush upper. An unused toothbrush is perfect for brushing shoes with soft, fine bristles that gently brush dust off the upper. Remember not to brush back and forth. Always brush in one direction, back and forth will cause uneven hair on the upper. Remove shoe stains promptly.

The longer we wait, the harder it will be to clean up. Take a sponge, dampen it, and wring it out. Dip in the detergent used to brush these shoes and wipe them off. Put your shoes in a ventilated area and let them dry. After drying, you can spray special care suede on the surface of shoes evenly, good for shoes.

The Fashionable Appeal of Pointed Toe Bootie

A pointed toe bootie is a type of footwear that features a sharp, tapered front end, creating a sleek and stylish silhouette. These booties can be made from a variety of materials, such as leather, suede, or even synthetic fabrics.

They come in various heel heights, from flat to high, making them a versatile addition to any wardrobe. Pointed toe booties can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion, and they can be worn with a range of outfits, including jeans, dresses, and skirts.

The pointed toe design can elongate the legs, giving the illusion of a taller and slimmer frame. With their chic and modern appearance, pointed toe booties are a popular choice for fashion-conscious individuals who want to add a touch of sophistication to their look.

How to store ankle boots

1. Stack several pieces of scrap newspaper together and roll them into rolls.
2. Put the rolled up newspaper into the torn silk stockings and make another one in this way.
Tip: Roll out the volume must have a certain hardness.
3. Tie the two ends of the stockings together to make a small support for the boots.
4. Put the little bracket into the boot, and the two boots will lean tightly and straight legs against each other, never swaying.

VHNY's brown pointy ankle boots

Vhny's chunky shoes are an excellent choice. It has a traditional brown gloss to make it more receptive. Among the many boot styles, the ankle boot is a relatively simple one with a not overly complicated design. The boots were about an inch above the ankle.

The one-inch heel on Vhny keeps the shoe stylish while also providing comfort. The pointed head design was chosen for the shape. It's a timeless look that goes with everything and can be worn with a variety of outfits. You can still wear a bright color effect without adding too many elements and colors, which is the appeal of pointy ankle boots.

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