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It's All About Sandals

All About Sandals
It’s summer now, and you definitely need a pair (or two!) of solid summer sandals in your closet. You may or may not be putting your favorite heels on hold, but in any case, there are plenty of flat and comfortable styles that are as stylish as they are practical. The best summer sandals are suited for every reemergence occasion. Let VHNY’s new sandals carry you effortlessly from dawn to dusk.
VHNY offers two styles of our new high-heeled sandals in 3 colors. Our chic sandal is styled with classically designed straps and rivets that embrace the side of sandals making them suitable for various styles. The directional design highlights your Pedi with an open square toe and this minimalist sandal lifts you in more than one way. Wrap it over white jeans or lace it up with a high-slit skirt.

The ruffled padded straps and a slender padded sole make for the coziest level of class. They are presented with the squared toe shape that brings a casual-yet-contemporary aesthetic. Wear from dawn to dusk on sunny days. The proper height of the heel makes an enviable leg-lengthening effect and is good for both daily wearing and holiday outfits.
The colors and style of VHNY’s sandals are great for the summer closet. Nude and black can fit with multiple styles of clothing, and they can be worn from workplace to home party. VHNY’s green sandals are a perfect addition to your holiday looks which makes you pop out in the crowd.

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