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Looks Comfortable and Stylish

Love to look comfortable and stylish? Well, this is for you! 

Can you believe heels were originally made for Persian soldiers, to keep their feet secure in stirrups while riding horses? FAST FORWARD, past the 16th century. All the way to the 21st century and now we have our heels in stirrups at the gynecologist office. How funny life works! Heels were initially seen as a sign of wealth, status and masculinity.  

Watching cinderella you’ve always wished for your very own glass slipper but, NEWSFLASH! There are no fairy godmothers but there is VHNY. Our Rachel Kitten Black Nappa Leather Heel will give you that magical feeling you’re looking for, without the stress of cleaning after your evil step sisters. Our beige color will give you diversity while, Green is absolutely bold and daring. Leave it up to VHNY to get you ready for the ball!



Wearing heels for women didn’t become popular until Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn in the 1950s. If it weren’t for them making it popular the Lilia Latte Nappa Leather Heels would not exist! There are so many different styles of heels around the world and they’re seen as a sex symbol across the globe. Over the years they’ve gotten more and more comfortable, but not as comfortable as VHNY heels. Because comfortable and affordable is what all the girls want.                     




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