Make it your New Year's gift with a special pair of boots

Make it your New Year's gift with a special pair of boots

Do you spend your free time at home watching movies and television? Was there a specific location that you decided you had to visit after watching the show? If you've been wanting to see it, go ahead and do so. A comfortable pair of shoes, on the other hand, is required for a pleasant trip. What types of boots are most comfortable to wear? If you haven't tried pointy ankle boots yet, you should. They will astound you.

Comfortable and versatile ankle boots with pointed toes have gradually become the object of choice. But many people will because of its versatile attributes, and random collocation ignore the details. While such a combination may seem harmonious, it has no personal features and won't make you stand out in a crowd. Today, let me show you some tips on how to wear ankle boots that not only make you look taller and slim-legged, but also make you stand out in a crowd.

Wide-leg pants with a padded leg

To keep warm in the winter, pantsuits are mostly loose and used to fold chunky leggings. The looser the leg, however, the more likely it is to appear bloated. You can reduce the bloated feeling in the pant leg at this time by putting the pant leg part into ankle boots. The loose pant leg is tucked into the boot of the ankle boot, creating a "upper panasonic tight" contrast that strengthens the pant leg's three-dimensional sense. Not only did he play a thin, thin leg effect, but he also weakened the trouser leg of the pendant, giving the impression of expansion. If you have very thin ankles, you may want to tighten them up a little. Draw attention to your ankles, emphasizing your advantage and emphasizing the effect of thin legs.

Long leg pants

Floor-length trousers have grown in popularity in recent years, but many sisters are hesitant to purchase them for fear of appearing short. Simply pay attention to the shoes that go with the pants. The shape of the long leg pants can be an effective tool for displaying height. The shoe upper of pointed ankle boots will be longer than that of round head ankle boots, and the wearing method will be different. "exposing the shoe upper" with floor-length pants can have the effect of visually extending the leg line, but showing height is not a word. When matching the blouse, we can choose a short style or tuck the blouse into the waistband to create a contrast between the top and bottom, shorten the proportion of the upper body, which can not only show the height but also the length of the leg. This pairing will suit you regardless of your height.

Wear long skirts but show your calves

Skirts are an item that most women cannot live without; summer single wear is fresh and charming, while winter folded leg artifacts can make you look beautiful in another season. While most winter dresses are above the ankle length, you can avoid the embarrassment of "weight" by wearing a skirt that is just above the calf length and pairing it with pointy ankle boots. The collocation method of leaking out a calf section, , so that there is a proper blank effect between the boots and the skirt, which not only weakens the drapiness of the long skirt, but also has a very high effect of extending the lower limb line. Try wearing a matching skirt with ankle boots to appear taller. The "calf" wear method, bare part of the skin, not only can appear harmonious and unified, but also can use the "same color" lengthening the body shape, in the show tall, but also can make you appear advanced.

Have you figured out how to match these combinations after looking at them? And what kind of ankle boots should I get? If you can't decide which pointy ankle boots to get, try these vhny pointy ankle boots. It is not only comfortable for long walks, but it can also be paired with a variety of clothing styles.

The green color distinguishes these boots and expresses your distinct temperament and style. The 2.5-inch heel on Vhny is extremely comfortable. Furthermore, the shape of the heel of the shoe chooses a thick heel design, appearing calm on the foot, you will not feel uncomfortable during a long walk. The pointed design was chosen for its appearance, which has a very feminine effect. You can wear a bright look even if you don't add too many elements and colors. In addition, the ankle-length design will lift your figure in the invisible middle, allowing you to wear your favorite clothes more comfortably.

 If you don't like these pointy ankle boots, go to vhny's website. They come in a variety of colors and styles, so there's bound to be one you like.


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