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Mother's Day Gifting Guide

Show mom some love this Mother's Day with a gift that shows her that you care. We are sharing our Mother's Day Gifting Guide to help you find the perfect gift for Mom. We're giving you 30% off for your mother's day shopping. Use code MOTHERSDAY30 for your discount.

When it comes to mother's day, the average shopper looks for two things for mom: to make her feel good and look good. Either way, a gift shows her that you appreciate her.

First, let's talk about style because we want mom to look good. Footwear is a great option for mother's day since comfortable shoes are essential to comfort mom. VHNY ankle booties are comfortable, stylish, and durable. And in case mom doesn't want a high heel, we have three heel options, including a flat heel boot. These ankle booties come in 5 different colors and different textures so that mom can show off her style. Colors include red, dark mint green, black, brown, and white. Below, there are a few examples of what styles and colors VHNY has available. 

If mom seeks comfort, VHNY has a line of luxury fuzzy slippers that are perfect for lounging or when her feet need a break. You can find three closed-toe options and three open-toe. It'll be easy to find the ones best suited for mom with various styles. These shoes are made with a durable sole and are great for outdoor and indoor wear.

This mother's day, if you're gifting a mom who either likes to dress up or needs dressy clothes for work or other formal events, VHNY has a line of dressy items perfect to fit those situations. Our first recommendation is our flattering A-line midi skirt. This matte satin skirt is flattering and feminine with a midi length where the hem of the skirt meets the low to the middle calf. This skirt comes in two beautiful colors, brown and ivory.


Coming to you as a mother whose temperature fluctuates, I know the importance of versatile clothing. VHNY offers a sweater with detachable sleeves so that one can change the style into a sleeveless look. This knitwear is perfect for moms who want the style of a classy sweater and want options from their clothing without having to layer. Colors options available are pink, brown, and black.

Look no further for a perfect gift for mothers day. VHNY clothing is made from quality materials with attention to detail and style. We are sure mom will love it.

Shop for our full collection and happy shopping!


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