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New Arrival: ROSINA Nappa Leather Sandals

Gladiator sandals have made a come back in fashion and are now seen in many different forms. There is Chunky, strappy and heeled gladiator sandals. They can be versatile as well ! A gladiator sandal can be worn with socks for a chill relaxed look or bare foot for a campy look. Got a hot date? Pair these gladiators with A VHNY Dress or skirt to complete the look. To truly understand our VHNY ROSINA Nappa Leather Gladiator Sandals you first have to know where it comes from! 

The gladiator sandal dates all the way back from 1000 BCE, when the Ancient Greeks created these shoes so that their bodies and feet can be depicted as Meer mortals and separate them from the underworld. Woah! Doesn’t this sound just like Hercules? Well, clearly they didn’t have fashion in mind when making these comfy sandals but at least they did have durability in mind. Just like us the Ancient Greeks had a million daily task and deadlines to complete, so aside from being protected of being sentenced to a fiery doom. The gladiator sandals were also made for function. 


Sort of like what Gucci did to Dapper Dan, a few years later the Romans were like “gladiators, but make it fashion” and they’re designs are what we wear today! Gladiator sandals just like VHNY sandals became popular in the 20th Century. In 1968 Paco Rabanne was covered by Vogue magazine as they showcased their full length scrappy gladiator sandals. FAST FORWARD 2022 you can make yourself apart of history with these VHNY Rosita Nappa Leather Gladiator Sandals in Pistachio! This hue, can be used as a pop of color or to complete a soft tone look. While this color is very sporty and can also transition to work appropriate. These gladiator sandals can also be found in Black and Brown. Fashion just like history always repeats itself so the next time they do come back around, Be prepared and be the cool mom by shopping VHNY



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