New Summer Heels from VHNY - VHNY

New Summer Heels from VHNY

Who doesn't love adding heels to their summer outfits? Laced-up, strappy, skinny heels and pumps are always a great accessory. Square toe heels are hot fashion right now, as well as bright colors.

VHNY has released Summer Heels to put a pep in your step this summer dress. Available in 3 different colors and four different styles in each color. What you'll love about these heels is the variety in heel height. You can shop for a high heel or a low heel. We're giving you options where you can wear the heels since we know they will be your new favorite shoes.
One of the hottest trends this summer is the square toe. Square toes give more comfort and stability. Almost all high-end brands are creating square toes, especially on strappy heels. We're seeing it all over the runway and on social media, and we're here for it.

Speaking about strappy heels, what else would you style your sexy summer dresses with? We love how sexy strappy heels look styled with a mini dress or fun mini skirt and top. They are the perfect summer and spring shoes and simple enough to make any outfit elegant.
The details on heels shouldn't go unnoticed. The new summer heels from VHNY feature delicate gold studs around the shoe that give these shoes personalities. As well, there are two styles to pick from; a ruched leather detail as well as a double strap style. Both styles are available in a high heel at 3.5 inches and a lower heel at 2.5, and each is available in green, nude, and black.
Shop these exciting styles now and show off your style in these fun summer heels from VHNY.
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