Nude heels for most girls

Nude heels for most girls

The cold winter is coming to an end and the warm summer is coming. High heels are a must-have summer fashion item for every girl, so what kind of high heels are suitable for most people? It has to advance is nude high heels, speaking of nude high heels, all women are almost a pair of human feet, because of the same skin color, natural and calf integration, immediately become tall and thin, everything and not eye-catching. So, how to match nude high heels in summer, is the most fashionable?

Do nude heels look good

Mr Louboutin once wrote of his famous Les Nudes nude collection: "Heels that match your skin tone magically disappear on your feet and blend in with your calves." Nude color seems to make women virtually taller and their legs longer. Here are some examples of celebrity legs and nude heels, along with five detailed designs that elongate your legs.

Carrie's "I can see the world from my heels" statement is a classic for many women. Vogue tells you that you can see further if you stand on a water platform. The obvious heightening effect makes platform heels a boon for petite women. Nude platform heels paired with a mini dress were one of Victoria Beckham's most iconic street-style looks, and they are still out of date. If Charlotte Olympia's "sky-high" scared you, Chelsea Paris' "entry-level Thin water Table" is sure to be accepted by most people.

How to match nude heels

Pair nude heels with all black

The combination of all black is the most classic and handsome, and it is also the most favored by street photographers in Europe and America over the years. You can't go wrong with these nude heels. If it's a hair color, or a bag, or an accessory that matches the nude heels on your feet, it's even better.

Pair nude heels with full-body nude

If I say nude is the most elegant and intellectual color, I'm sure no one will disagree with me. Then all nude, no obtrusive, of course softer. Nude, naturally elegant and advanced. the phrase "Nude is the new black" highlights the fashion status of nude. The naturally elegant nude is as much a classic in the fashion world as black and white. Nude and khaki are the same color palette, with shades of khaki paired with nude heels. Enrich the sense of hierarchy, but not on camera.

Nude heels + White pieces

Pairing nude shoes with a white pantsuit or skirt can give you a whole new look, and fresh white can brighten up the outfit and make it more edgy. Of course, it is also important to have no variegations all over the body. Choose white and nude items like the master, which are fresh and vibrant and very light and layered. Fashion girl should try it quickly.

Nude high heels + denim pieces

Nude + denim, full French elegance and romance, especially when the whole body is a sense of lightweight single product more natural and bright. Although it is difficult for us to completely hold this look, color matching can be learned, and matching the right color can also create a charming temperament.

How to choose nude Heels

Make sure you're wearing the right shoe size

Before buying high heels, make sure you try them on first! Although online shopping is becoming more and more developed, buying high heels without trying them on can put your feet at 99% risk! Moreover, not only do shoe sizes vary from brand to brand, but foot sizes also change over time. Girls' feet are easy to edema, want to wear comfortable, must grasp the time, try on your feet when the most swollen, will not wear out in the morning is very comfortable, after the afternoon pain.

Study your foot shape

When trying on high heels, we must pay special attention to the bending point of the foot, usually the sole of the foot and the widest part of the shoe body, it will be relatively comfortable to wear.

Use tools to soften hard heels

If the heel and edge of the shoe are particularly easy to wear, use the heat of a hair dryer to soften the skin. Alternatively, placing the heel on a towel and hitting the leather at the heel stitching with a mallet can also reduce the chance of leather rubbing against the skin.

Apply thinly with a candle to the edge and seam of the shoe

In addition to new shoes that are too hard to wear feet, stitches are often the cause of foot wear. As long as a white candle is applied back and forth to the place that will wear feet, such as the heel and the sides of the toe, it can improve the problem of friction caused by rough and hard stitches and shoe edges.

Vhny Nude heels

The perfect heel for everyday wear is here.  This elegant VHNY nude kitten heel gives you the height you need however without the discomfort.  The dainty heel is complemented by a thin upper strap that secures your foot into the heel, and it is followed by a second thick ruched toe strap that completes the look.  Around the perimeter of the shoe, there are small circular silver studs that add dimension and beautifully embellish the shoe.  The kitten heel makes these the perfect shoe to wear for a long day in the office straight to a night out on the town.


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