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The Chain Allure

The Chain Allure.
Details make the outfit. I love adding glamorous touches to my outfit. They say less is more, but when you have the details in the right places, I feel those are better. One place I love to add extra details to my outfit is on my shoes! Colorful shoes, oddly shaped heels, chains, and gems are a couple of exciting elements to spice up your outfit. That is why I love VHNY Chain Embellished Boots. They add accessories to your outfit without you having to do anything other than put them on.
VHNY offers these stylish, lightweight boots in 5 different colors. Stress on the light part. I love a good boot that doesn't drag me down. These boots offer quality and style without the extra weight. They are also water-resistant, perfect for the cold months.
VHNY Chain Embellished Boots take on trends and style. The patent leather options in brown and black have been super popular lately as they make a great addition to any cold-weather outfits. I love how the sleek boots look at the bottom of a long plaid or cashmere coat. Style them with jeans, a sweater, a pencil skirt, and a blazer for work. These booties clean up your look and pull everything together.
The VHNY Croc Leather Boots are available in red and white with a shiny silver chain. The silver chain compliments these colors so well. The red color boosts confidence and shows that you're not afraid to be bold. Additionally, the VHNY Forrest Green Ankle Boots are available in a snake print that shows delicate textures. The silver chain accent over the green is a beautiful statement.
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