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The Perfect Vacation Shoe

We might all have troubles deciding which shoes to pack when going on vacation. If you're looking for help, you've come to the right place. 

There are two main things you should keep in mind when considering what shoes to take on your travels: location and activity. If you’re someone who puts style over time, then I feel style should be added as well. I’d rather stay at home, then hate my outfit. 

If you’re going hiking or spending all day on your feet, keep in mind your body’s needs. If you suffer from back or foot pains, you should seek out footwear to accommodate. Top sport shoe brands offer personalized shoes that relieve these pains, and provide comfort in strenuous activities. However, if you’re taking a girls trip to visit a few restaurants and shops, you can go for style. 

Are you going to be hitting the outlets, snapping for the gram, dancing the night away? My biggest advice is go with closed toe shoes. Seriously, you’ll want to protect the toes. With closed toe shoes you won’t have to worry about any injuries or dirt getting in your shoes because you came to strut your stuff. 

You’ll want a versatile pair or shoes as well. Checked bags allow for a couple outerwear pieces, 2-3 pairs of shoes, and the essentials. So those shoes need to match the outfits and the occasions. That’s why I recommend the ankle boot. They are comfortable, stylish, and protective. VHNY ankles boots are made with quality materials so you can without worry. They are comfortable and have height variations. 

If you’re going to be walking instead of taking a Lyft from the hotel to the restaurant, go with the flat heel boot. If you love a heel, go with the heeled boots. I wouldn’t recommend stilettos unless you can confirm you won’t have to walk on any cobblestone streets. We don’t want any twisted ankles. The right heel height for you will keep the pains away.

Go with a color that matches all of your clothes. If you’ve packed neutrals, go with white, black, or brown. Or add a pop of color because it's vacation! If your wardrobe is mostly dark, grab a red or green shoe. The pops of each classic color looks very nice when paired together. You can use the shoes to accessorize since you can’t take your jewelry box with you.

So if you’re hitting the streets, shopping until you drop, or dressing to impress, we hope this blog has helped guide you to success. 

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