The wear of ankle boots

The wear of ankle boots

As we all know, wearing warm and comfortable clothing, but feeling bloated is unavoidable. Choose a good single product in the eyes of some fashionable fine will wear, it can reduce this bloated feeling. On a cold winter day, how can you go wrong with a nice pair of pointed ankle boots? Its shoes look good, and they are easy to match with a good overall. It will also aid in the reduction of puffiness in your outfit.

How to match pointy ankle boots

Pointy boots + coat

The main battleground of boots in autumn and winter, and pointed boots are one of them, with a sexy flavor, full of spontaneity, but can also make the foot shape slimmer. The combination of coat and pure is super handsome, creating a free and easy wearing style that gives off an aura. Ankle boots give the impression of being elegant, stylish, and feminine. When paired with long coats in the fall, ankle boots with pointy, skinny heels not only lengthen the calf line and create longer legs, but they also exude mature femininity. Coupled with the color and style changes, the fashion sense created is also a little different, easily shaping the full trend tone especially lovable.

It should be noted, however, that pointy boots fashionable style, wear very comfortable and more temperament, and coat collocation can wear a fashionable atmosphere, is one of the women of various ages are very fond of wearing combination. Love simple wear can be combined with pure color modification to create a sense of visual coordination, and love color collocation, then choose the collision of different colors to create a fashionable and eye-catching visual charm value.

Pointy ankle boots + high-waisted dress

With the luxury taste of blue pointed small boots, simple and smooth Guoxing, put on a very elegant femininity, to participate in any occasion can easily control the boots, with high waist dress, yellow and blue color and shoes super everything good, heel is a good look of the glass, more show a bit of female sexy sweet, like the girl early wear early beauty!

Pointy ankle boots and wide-leg pants with braces

Speaking of high-heeled shoes for short girls, the classic small ankle boots design looks very fashionable, but the slender shoe silhouette is more suitable for women over 30 years old to wear, with backstrap wide-leg pants, seven points of pants and ankle boots, just right to show your slim calves, it is so beautiful!

Pointy ankle boots with high heels and black tights

Autumn and winter who does not have a nice black leggings, want to match with pants warm and beautiful, then small ankle boots must be your first choice, and it with leggings show the effect of long legs, want to create a perfect figure, then small ankle boots are not to be missed, want to big long legs, must have "with", early wear early beauty!

Pointy flat ankle boots + lantern sleeve dress

Want to concave shape of the street and very low-key, then to a pair of pointed design of small ankle boots, smooth line design, comfortable shoe type let you easily create the charm of long legs, vamps are lacquered design, make vamps look more layered, with lantern sleeve dress, loose version of this is the meat mask show thin artifact, match up to show your elegant atmosphere temperament.

Pointy toe chunky heel ankle boots + plaid high-waisted skirt

For shopping girls, the height of the heel is determined by your comfort, so choose the small break of this thick heel design, bring you comfort at the same time, but also can show your long legs, pointed design more let your legs thin and thin, thick and pointed flannel design, easy to wear and take off at the same time also inject a sense of fashion, with plaid high-waist skirt, easy to create long legs, Still walk not tired feet, early wear early beauty!

vhny type of ankle boot

Ankle boot style is a relatively simple type of boot, with a relatively simple design. Boots are designed to fit just below the ankle. For comfort and durability, you should try to choose an ankle-length boot with a low or flat heel, and vhny meets that requirement with a one-inch heel. And the choice of thick heel design in the shape of the heel makes the feet appear calm and relaxed.

The unique charm of high heels is unmatched by other clothes, and the sexy atmosphere of shoe design, not only can make the lines of the foot more smooth, but also can perfectly modify your foot shape, make you look more beautiful, neat shoe design carefully, and focused, not only make you more intellectual elegant feeling, but also a little more women's charm.

In the original very high quality shoes, with the design of chain, for the design is to add a highlight. Chain element has gradually become a must-have fashion item in the fashion industry in recent years. The chain element is added to the pointy ankle boot, which adds the feminine elegance of pointy ankle boot.

You can always find a shoe you like on vhny's website. There are many styles on its website, and every pair of boots will be comfortable for you.


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