Walking around town in blue ankle boots

Walking around town in blue ankle boots

Do you go to the city or nearby towns in your spare time? I believe you will see a variety of scenery in various cities and towns. Long walks in cities and towns frequently make people's feet uncomfortable, which detracts from the experience. Wear comfortable shoes if you want to have a good playing experience. If you don't already have a pair, check out these vhny sara blue mirror square.VHNY uses two different textures in the classic blue color scheme for your choice.

One-inch flats provide functionality, and the boot is just above the ankle, allowing you to walk in them all day and night. Because of its classic pointed design, it is both fashionable and versatile. When you're tired and ready to return to your quarters, the zipper on the side of the boot makes it easy to slip on and off and quickly release your feet.

I don't know if you've noticed, but pointy boots have a great stretching effect on your legs, making it easy to show off your longer legs. What do you think would be a good pair of pointy ankle boots for this cold winter season? If you don't have a good idea yet, take a look at this article, which will show you different collocation methods.

Blue pointed boots + light nine point jeans + long brown coat

The classic all-matching black pointed boots with a pair of light-colored nine-point jeans, plus the top of the trouser tie, look very tall, and the inside of the color is also very rich, creating a very beautiful sense of layering. It's very warm with a long brown coat on.

Blue pointed boots + Short coat + black scarf

The combination of a short coat and black nine-point pants is straightforward and atmospheric. A black scarf is casually draped over the shoulder. The sagging scarf elongates the figure and lends itself to the lazy look, which is currently popular. The visual increase is at least 10cm with the addition of pointed boots! The pointed blue ankle boots in a bright color add a finishing touch to the ensemble.

Blue pointed boots + white leather skirt + red sweater

Because of their unique color, blue pointy boots look more elegant when paired with a white leather skirt, handsome and elongated legs. The best irregular design of skirt, which adds a bit of femininity to the casual leather skirt, relaxed and interesting. The top chose to wear a Burgundy hollowed out sweater and a white shirt, which are both warm and fashionable, so the overall look is very elegant, and the charm value directly increases!

Blue pointed boots + grey coat + black handbag

These pointy shoes in bright blue leather are sleek and eye-catching. They also look great with a grey jacket and black shorts worn with flesh-through stockings for a tall figure. A large black square bag in one hand, well-balanced body proportions, and an elegant demeanor.

 After looking at these combinations, do you have an idea of how you want to look? Have you decided where you want to go for a walk in these comfortable boots? Would you like to slow down and visit the nearby towns to see the locals and other sights? If you want more comfortable boots, go to vhny's website, which has a wide variety of styles and colors.


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