where can I find black patent leather women‘s boots

where can I find black patent leather women‘s boots

Do you want to start your wonderful year with a new pair of shoes in the New Year? If you're not sure how to choose a boot from a large selection, here's how fashionistas do it.

The ankle boot style is a relatively simple type among many boots, it does not have a particularly complex design, the height only covers the ankle, ankle boots try to choose flat and low heel style, more comfortable and durable. If you want to make your outfit stand out, add some design to your shoes, such as ankle boots with pointed toes, which are more appealing than round or square cut. The effect of pointed ankle boots is very feminine, and it is perfect with the combination of half skirt, even without adding too many elements and color, can still wear a bright effect, this is the charm of pointed ankle boots.

Do you have a preference for boots now that you know how to choose them?

If you're still undecided about which boots to buy, consider vhny's black patent leather boots. Its classic black color makes it easier to love and match outfits.
The 1-inch flat heel is practical and can be worn all day and night. The boot is designed to be worn just above the ankle for maximum comfort. A discreet zipper closure on the side of the boot makes it extremely easy to slip on and off. We believe, however, that once you have them, you will not want to take them off.

How to Clean Shoes

After you buy the shoes, you may wonder how to clean them, but here's how to clean patent leather. Let us first define patent leather before learning how to clean it.

Patent leather is a type of processing technology that refers to real leather or PU leather and other materials painted with a bright color, natural, waterproof, moisture-proof, not easily deformed, and easy to clean and maintain. The surface is transformed into bright and strong leather, a type of clothing material with a strong surface effect and style characteristics. The current fashion goods are a variety of bright colors of patent leather and imitation patent leather tight fashion, as well as fine fit lacquered leather soled shoes.

We can learn how to clean patent leather once we understand what it is.

If only the surface dust needs to be removed, a clean wet cloth can be used, but remember not to get the cloth wet enough to wring out of water; too much water can easily get into the leather and cause damage. When there are large-scale stains, you can clean them with leather cleaner or cleaning cream, but you cannot clean them with a brightening agent or shoe milk because the brightening agent will cause the false coating to come off. Or, as a tip, wipe with paper towels, which do not irritate the skin and can be wiped clean.

When not in use, store the bag in a dust bag or cloth bag to prevent dust and moisture, but do not use plastic bags, as plastic bags cannot breathe and can easily damage the patent leather.


How to choose Boots

Ankle boots look good, boot shape is important, and different profiles can display a variety of temperaments. Boots are also a secret weapon for many girls in terms of flattering their legs. The best fit is for you from the toe to the heel.

One of the most important aspects of boots is their length. Pointy toe boots are an excellent choice. The pointy toe of the toe triangle adds visual length to the leg and makes it appear slimmer. Furthermore, pointed boots, due to their sharp silhouette, can always give people a modern sense of vision, making them feel like "this woman is not easy to mess with," for your wear to enhance your temperament. If you don't want to be too formal, pair it with a more relaxed look. The pointed toe boots' extension effect complements the casual feel of the lace-up Doc Martens.

In comparison to thin heel boots, set increase, beautiful, comfortable in one of the thick heel boots is the insurance in the collocation, no matter what type of style can also take, is a very worthwhile investment in a single product, tired girls can choose it. The circular heel is the most common. The circular design at the back of the heel can reduce the feeling of strength brought on by walking, making it less tiring.A cylindrical heel functions similarly to a square heel but is more elegant. Booties with square heels, on the other hand, have a larger force area and less pressure, allowing them to be worn with less leg tension. It's ideal for tall girls with high comfort expectations.

vhny's boots fit that bill. When you don't know what to choose, check out vhny's website, where there are always plenty of comfortable and versatile spiky ankle boots to choose from.


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